Sunday, February 18, 2018

I can do hard things

I already shared my Birth Story, but here are the pictures that go along with it. They say, pictures can tell 1000 words, so I'll let these speak for themselves. 

All photos done by the ever talented Kate Olson.

This is the position I was in for the majority of my labor. Hanging over the yoga ball really helped relieve some of the pressure on my lower back. Also it made my back accessible for counter pressure. 

Here is my sweet nurse trying to get out second wireless monitoring system to work. Unfortunately, it didn’t and I had to have the wired one. Thankfully it was still portable, just a lot more cords and a belly band. 

Here is my AMAZING doula!

It’s crazy just how much that pressure helps! 

You can really tell how much pressure I was requesting for counter pressure. In my video you can hear me begging for even harder. I had QUITE the bruise right there after deliver, but man it was so worth it for the relief felt during contractions! 

This is something that was new to me! I guess when you have someone press on the kneecaps during a contraction, it dramatically helps take the pressure off your pelvis! This was right after my water was broken and things were really picking up.

Again you can see her still pressing my knee caps to help take the pressure off. 

These are my absolute favorite photos from my birth. It shows just how surrounded I was with love and support. Literally circling me on that bed. I had hands of support everywhere I needed them to be.

I was entering transition here, right when the typical "I can't do it" feelings set in. An affirmation I really loved and kept trying to remind myself was "As soon as you think there is no way you can do it any longer, you won't have to. The baby is coming." and that was so true for me. The real self doubt set in right before she was making her entrance. No real time for doubt. 

This is me really trying to fight the urge to push and let Della finish dropping.

I asked for help to flip onto my back so that I could use the mirror (that was on the ceiling) so I could see her coming out. I know this freaks some people out, but there is nothing more motivating for me while pushing is to see exactly what my pushes are doing. I want to see her head the same second everyone else in the room does. 

This picture^. Kate captured my emotion PERFECTLY. I was exhausted, I was overwhelmed with love, and I was so dang proud. 

Here is my cyst, the thing that caused so much stress this pregnancy and extra pain after delivery.

Della is by far my best nurser. She immediately latched on like she had been doing it her whole life. She had the perfect latch and was sucking and gulping right away. This is something I'm extremely grateful for after having struggles with my first two girls. 

Taking in every ounce our newest girl! 

Where she was the happiest. 

The proudest daddy of his 3rd perfect girl. I always say, he was meant to have a lot of girls. 

She was incredibly relaxed under the warmer light.