Sunday, January 13, 2013

Busy like a Bee

I don't even know where I'm finding time to write this, because I'm having trouble finding time to eat. Okay I take that back, there is ALWAYS time to eat.

Which I now further understand the "freshman 15" theory. All of my groceries consist of "add-water" meals and microwavable cans. Basically just all really unhealthy food. And I eat all the time. For this reason and this reason only am I grateful that I have to walk everywhere and mostly uphill, that's how I am not gaining the 15 pounds, or at least I hope so.

School is keeping me very very busy, but I am not letting it keep me from having fun and getting those typical college experiences out of my time here.

 Us roommates sitting down for dinner together:)
I'm eatin good tonight! Freshman 15 here I come

We are all ready to go to church!

Slightly after we suffered from frostbit while walking to church in church clothes aka bare legs.
ps: it was -18 while walking. Soak that in. 

As I was writing down all my homework for the week, I didn't even make it through 2 of my classes before it was filled up.

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