Monday, January 7, 2013

First day of school! First day of school!

Title reference to finding nemo by the way:)

Boy oh boy where do I even begin? I only had three classes today, Math, Successful Marriage and
Family, and English. One of my favorite parts about this school is how well they incorporate the church into the academics. We opened every class with an opening prayer, thought, and a song. Which I admit, kinda took me off guard a little bit, but I love it! It really helps with keeping a good and positive attitude about everything.

Everyone on campus was super super friendly and in all of the classes it seemed like I wasn't the only person trying to meet new people. I have an hour and a half in between each of my classes, which when I did that I thought I was being so smart, no. It's just enough time that I can't go back to the apartment but then enough that I don't know what to do to fill the time.

On a more exciting note, IT SNOWED TODAY! Not just any old sprinkled, it was coming down, and yes I do walk everywhere. I'm gonna need to invest in a lot more winter clothes...

Oh and just a little side note: there are A TON OF BABES HERE! husband, come and find me;)

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