Thursday, January 10, 2013

Near Death Experience

One tiny thing that I would love to change about Rexburg is the fact that they do not plow the roads. Let me repeat that. NO PLOWS. & yes it does snow all the time here. If you think you can see pavement, think again. It's more like solid sheets of ice covered with 2 inches of snow.

Let me tell you why I feel this way....


I was getting a ride home from an awesome waffle party (free food & you can count me in) from my friend Chloe. Bless her little heart, drives a slug bug. Not exactly the ideal vehicle for these conditions. So my apartment complex is up a slight hill and this poor little car was struggling big time to make it up do to the ice.

We were slightly fish-tailing and sliding on the ice but nothing too out of control, right when we lost all control and did a complete three sixty Tokyo drift session and ended up facing the cars behind us.

I started crying. I was crying yet laughing at the same time cause I couldn't believe that just happened. & we were stuck. We could not move.

Some generous soul (boy) with a big pick up got out to help us, bless his soul. So we finally got going, only to get stuck 10 seconds later..... and the boy had already left.

So me and my roommate Megan, being awesome people that we are, got out of the car, started pushing until Chloe got going and had to JUMP in the car while still moving. It was quite the adrenaline rush. Experience for sure.

So after that long and pointless story is the point is: be careful out there and Rexburg City: please consider investing in plows.

Scared college drivers

Not only is driving scary, but walking now takes technique and concetraton. As I witness multiple people fall on a daily basis I just have to give myself a big pat on the back for making it a whole week slip-free. (knock-on-wood)

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