Monday, January 21, 2013

Simple & Sweet Doings

Monday Night:

For FHE or Family Home Evening-singles ward style, we threw one of the best Just Dance parties you would have ever seen, because it was 80's themed. Let me just start off by saying, man boys can dance if they really try, and our boys really did try. Lets just throw it out there that they won by a long shot.  We have the best FHE boyz.


Sunday Night:

Since we had no school on monday in respect to MLK day, we obviously had to have a sleepover, straight out of the movies. I peed my pants several times through out the night, and my body is sore all over. We played just dance(in preparation to try to beat our FHE boys) and screamed for hours to Glee Karaoke, thank goodness we don't have any neighboors or they would have been hating on us pretty hard core this night. Lets just say I won't be going to American Idol anytime soon. Goodness gracious I love my roommates. We're only on week 3 and I am already dreading moving away from them. So glad to know that the thing I was most nervous about turned out to be one of my favorite things about college. Funny how things work out like that:) 

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