Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Be like unto a child

For my english class once a month we don't have class and the instructor sends us to some different place on campus and we find something inspiring and we creatively write about anything. It is surprisingly relaxing to take a break from the structured and instructious world and write about what I want to write about.

Anyways, today we were sent to the Geology Museum on campus, one that I was not even aware we had. I learn something new everyday. As I was writing my little story on the petrified(don't know if that is the right word) remains of a baby sea turtle, a sudden influx of probably 30 senior citizens filled this tiny museum. First I was confused and puzzled that I had not been previously aware of the senior citizen society here at BYU-I, but then I thought again and realized this sweet group must be touring the campus.

Here were my thoughts when I entered the museum, "This is weird. This is pointless. Wow a rock? Cooooooooool. No way, look another rock. I think they have a rock in every color, and look some random skeletons. How am I supposed to write a story on this?"

The senior citizens reacted completely different. They walked around with complete and total awe in everything their glazed over eyes took in. Rushing their spouses to come and look at something new they found, or thinking in depth about each rock and where it could have come from and what conditions it went through to make it such colors. They wanted to touch everything and sunk to eye level to see the intricate details of it all.

This stupid little 20 minutes out of my day made such an impact on me. I think as we go through life, we loose our creativity. We loose that sense to be different or the sense of wonder, we start to take this beautiful world around us for granted.

We see this everyday as we see toddlers stare at the clouds finding rabbits and cars, eager to go look at the flowers, their face lighting up with new experiences, taking in every ounce of all that mother nature has to offer.

Senior citizens have lived long and tedious lives, therefore they have a reliable testimony of what truly matters when it all comes down to it. The little things.

I think it is so important to thank God every day that he gave us such a wonderful world, and as we gain a testimony of this we can find beauty in all things and in all people.

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