Saturday, March 2, 2013

Let Go or Be Dragged

Of course with 98% of my life devoted towards Pinterest, I come across some pretty profound things, some affect me more than others, and then some are just straight up MY LIFE.

This one I found today and lalalaloved it. Let go or be dragged, simple as that. I think so many times in life we let our past dictate our present. STOP IT! 

There is a reason we wake up every day with pajamas and no make up on, it is just a little reminder that every day is a new one! It doesn't matter if yesterday was the worst hair day you've ever had, today you have the chance to try again. Now I know this is the stupidest analogy but it's what I always relate it to. It doesn't matter if last year was one of the worst years of my life, I have this year to get out there and try it again. 

It doesn't matter if I've never had good friends, I have today to try to make some new ones.
It doesn't matter if I've made poor decisions in the past, I have today to try to choose the right.
It doesn't matter if I haven't loved in the past, I have today to give it all I've got.
The list goes on....

It is completely up to us if we let our past constantly drag us down and keep us from making a better present and future. 

Don't let life drag you down. Let it go and LIVE.

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