Sunday, April 7, 2013

Found in the Future

Geez, I am just awful at keeping up on this blog. I'm sorry family and friends. A lot of you have been asking when I am coming home or such and such so here it all is! My year plan:)

April 11-21st: go back to Gilbert for my spring break. During this week I hope to fill my canteen with all the family love I can get! I have been missing my sweet little nephew so much lately so this week is a perfect opportunity to smother him with enough kisses to get him through until July. He turns one on June 17th and I am going to be an emotional wreck that day. He will always be my little man.

April 22nd: is the first day of my spring semester here at BYU-Idaho. I am so excited to see what spring has in store for me, but more importantly I am so excited for warmer weather here in the Burg. I can't wait to have more adventures outdoors and see what beauty Idaho has to offer!

Another exciting thing about Spring Semester is that we are going to be getting two new roommates, yay!! One of them is actually my BEST childhood friend from Utah. We kinda lost contact when I moved to Arizona and got re-intouch when we both realized we would be attending BYU-I. I just think what a small world that we get the chance to room together in college after spending our childhood together.
The other roommate we are getting is actually Miss Rexburg herself. She currently lives down the hall from us and is the sweetest southern belle you will ever meet. I'm actually afraid to live with her because she is so perfect.

April 26th: GET THIS! I get the chance to fly across the country to the beloved state of Georgia and I could not be more ecstatic about this opportunity! I am flying out there to go to an Army Basic Training Graduation, so if any of you have any insight on what I should expect, please share. Because I have NO idea what this is going to be like, but I'm literally counting down the days.

May 23rd: Not only is it my one year anniversary from graduating high school, I know I'm a baby, my not so little brother graduates from high school may 23rd so I am flying down over memorial day weekend to get to see him! He is signed on with the Marines to leave in September so I got to get as much time with him as possible. My family from Utah will also be down in AZ that same weekend, so my house will be tad crazy, but there's nothing better.

July 21st: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! I know its far away but I still can't wait. Instead of returning home right away I will be in utah for the last week of july and the first weekend of August for my favorite weekend of the year, The Lazemby Family reunion. I am so blessed to be part of such a big loving family.

August: I'll be in Gilbert for a couple weeks and then I will be flying out to North Carolina, one of my current roommates Elisa is from there so I am planning on going out to visit her for a little bit out there and see what the southern east coast is all about:) something about the south has always intrigued me and I can't wait to go out there and see what is waiting for me.

After that I really don't have any set in stone plans but there are so many opportunities and different paths I could take and sometimes you don't have complete control over everything in your life, this is one of those things for me. Some things are just kinda up to others and what doors are opened to me! The future is fun to think about:)

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