Saturday, July 27, 2013

August Madness

I finished my first year of college. I can’t believe I can finally say that. I finished. As much as I planned to go out with a bang and live up my final moments in college at BYU-Idaho, I spent the last week sicker than a dog, with 19 hours of homework a day. When all I wanted to do and all my body was begging me to do was stay in bed and watch movies all day, I spent sun up until (way past) sun down on my laptop doing assignments, in class, or in the testing center. It was great.

I guess one good thing about being sick during finals week is the flowers you get from your fiancé.

Last Tuesday my grandparents from Orem, Utah came and picked me up so I could load all my stuff and go home. Just kidding I wish it were that simple. I did pack up all my stuff, but I don’t get to go home quite yet. I am spending 2 and a half weeks here in Utah. The first week my roommate Elisa was with me because her flight to North Carolina didn’t leave until Friday night. And then Sunday (tomorrow) my whole family from Arizona is coming to me!! We have a legendary family reunion, one that you would all be jealous of, the first week of august, which is why I decided to just stay in Utah for a week until my family came up for that!

After the reunion I will FINALLY be making my way to Arizona. Oh but wait, not for long. I will be in Arizona only from August 7th-August 18th. So basically I have 9 days to plan my wedding. Haha just kidding….kinda. I will be getting married in Arizona, so during that week I have to basically meet with all my vendors and people that will be helping me through out the way, how fun huh? Kinda worried not gonna lie…

But then on the 18th comes something really exciting! My family will pack up, get in our RV, and start the journey across the nation to VIRGINIA! We are taking a week to drive cross-country and just stop along the way a ton of places and see the east coast! We move into our new house on August 25th, and four days later I get to see my FIANCE.

I am lucky enough to have an awesome future sister-in-law that is coming up to Virginia from Texas with her husband and brother-in-law and we all get to spend Labor Day weekend at Virginia Beach. I can’t think of any other way I would want to spend it! My time to see Michael is extremely overdue, but the blessed thing about moving to Virginia is that his Army base is only located 3 hours south of me. Here’s to lots of weekend visits ahead!

Good luck to all my friends starting school again in August, I hope you had a good summer! Mine is just starting!

Monday, July 8, 2013

The proposal.

Remember in the last post how I said I wasn't sure when I would see Michael next? Remember how I said I could only hope and dream for the end of July? Well obviously it isn't the end of July and I am with him. Hmmmm.

Monday July 1st: Michael told me that he got the unfortunate 24 hour shift guarding the armory room...or something, and that he wasn't allowed to use his phone the whole time.
Tuesday July 2nd:
12:30- Michaels 24 hours was up and I was texting him like a crazy person. 24 hours was 24 hours toooooo long. He needed "sleep" so I agreed to let him sleep until 5:30 when I was done with classes.
3:00-Tyson(my brother) arrives in Idaho, something we've been planning for over a month! We go to lunch and hang out until I go to class.
5:30- I'm done with class. Time to wake Michael up. I figured I would do it once I got back to my apartment. I go to meet Tyson, Maddie [his friend that came with], Elisa [my roommate & bestie] in the Gardens, which is like a really pretty courtyard we have here on campus. 
When I meet up with them they're just chilling taking pics, nothing unusual cause Tyson is a photographer, & suggest that me and elisa take a few pics, and then just me. I'm a super awkward model and didn't want to be up in front. With direction of the photographer to "spread my legs" I pulled a seductive pose trying to be funny. While "spreading my legs" out of the corner of my eye I see the most handsome man I've ever laid eyes on. He was wearing very fitted black slacks, a button up and a black skinny tie. Basically lingerie to my eyes. My body went into complete and total shock. This isn't happening. I was just texting him. He is asleep in North Carolina. No no no. In fact I went into such deep shock that a screamed, turned the other way, and ran. I guess that was my way of collecting myself. When he came and grabbed me, hugged me, and kissed me, that's when I could feel it become real. I had dreamt about this every night for two months straight and it was actually here, he was in front of me. At this point I still didn't have a clue that he was planning on proposing. Until he did the single most attractive thing a guy could do, got down on one knee and said "Whitney, will you marry me?" All of this he had to say over my screaming and shaking. I was shaking like a little scared chihuahua. Of course I said yes and had to lean in for another kiss.

 It was a weird feeling that the BEAUTIFUL perfect ring that he picked out without my help was on MY finger, where it was going to stay forever.

 It was a weird feeling that my body was actually there. His body was actually there. That whole day I would find myself reaching to him just to touch him and make sure that this was real.  

We went back to my apartment to celebrate with my roommates, and I tried to call as many family members as possible to share the news. Of course the moment my mom answered the phone I broke out into a mixture of bawling and laughing. 

This past week has been full of complete and total bliss. I feel like a princess 24/7. I feel like no matter what anyone does or says, my happiness isn't going anywhere, because I have this amazing ring on my finger and my FIANCÉ sitting next to me. Doesn't get much better. If this is what engaged life is going to be like, I can't wait to see what marriage life will be like. 

I'll try to blog more now that I guess blogging is a must for newly married Mormon wives. Uh oh. 

PS: I can't say thank you enough to everyone that has reached out and shown their love and support with us! You really can't understand how much it all means until your in my shoes. Thank you! I love you all!!! Xoxo

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

And so the story begins...

Where to begin where to begin? 

IM ENGAGED!!!!! Woah that still feels weird to say. 

Let me start off from the very beginning! In December I met the man of my dreams. Is it crazy to say I knew it the moment I saw him? Yes, that's crazy. But I did know there was something about this boy that was different. I met him at linger longer (dinner after church) just through mutual friends and the luck that he sat at my same table. I was in awe by his good looks in his very dapper fitted suit and black skinny tie. Looking handsome as ever. I went home after finishing eating to get ready to go to the Mesa temple to see the lights. I went with a group of friends that honestly I don't even remember who they are. While me and this mystery group of friends were talking to a missionary from France,  see the same good looking, clean cut boy I talked to earlier that day. I don't even think I remembered his name at this point, but I had to get his attention. And I did, and we stood there and talked until the christmas lights went off. I pulled a bold move and gave him my number. I never do that, but boy am I proud of myself. I invited him to a missionary farewell I was going to that same night, even though he didn't end up coming, we texted for days to come. I was casually going on dates with one of his close friends around this same time, and to my advantage, going on dates with his friend meant that I got to see him more. This pattern continued for the first month. Until Michael finally got up the courage to ask me on a date, and I SAID NO. Which in the long run I think is a good thing. I said no because I knew I was moving the next week, and I just wanted to spend time with my close friends and not meet anyone new. Also I DREADED dates. My mom sometimes offered to pay me to go on dates that's how much I got anxiety from them. 
So it came time to move. I moved to Idaho to go to school the first of January. But that's okay because he was leaving to the army January 7th. I didn't think this would be a big deal to me, until it creeped closer. Until I realized that this amazing guy that I could talk to for hours would soon be without a phone. There was about a week that he had called reception, a waiting period in hotels. I am so grateful for that week. That's when we really started to FaceTime and realize how much we were gonna miss talking to each other. 
I made a comment that it would be like he was back in the mission field but without the letters, and he said "oh no I can get letters!" 
And so the story begins. We wrote letters for three months. Everyday I eargerly checked the mail, with each letter I fell harder for this man. 53 letters later, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to marry this man.

So then comes Georgia. I knew there was no way I wanted to miss any opportunity I had to see him again. He graduated from basic training and I flew out there with his family [see previous post]. His family was perfect and he was perfect. Nothing more to it.

So I went back to Idaho to start a new semester of school, at this time he was in airborne school. To my relief, no more letters. He got his phone every night which gave us the opportunity to talk on the phone for ours on end. To record our longest one is from 7 pm at night to 9:30 in the morning. Straight. 

Thankfully after much anticipation and anxiety, he got leave to come to Arizona for Memorial Day. We weren't sure until the Thursday of, if he was going to be able to make it or not. But I thank The Lord everyday that he was. He met my family, and anyone that knows my family knows that if he loved me after that, we are as good as good. 

Saying goodbye to him after Memorial Day weekend was rough. I still didn't know when the next time I would see him would be. Living on a college budget doesn't really allow me to spend $500 on a ticket across the country every month. And with his schedule in the army, it's really limited on when I even could. He is entering a lot of training schools that he will soon be again cut off with no phone, and this time not even letters. The longest will hopefully be three weeks. 

What I was hoping was to go out there to North Carolina end of July after my semester, and that was a dream I wasn't sure when was gonna happen.