Saturday, July 27, 2013

August Madness

I finished my first year of college. I can’t believe I can finally say that. I finished. As much as I planned to go out with a bang and live up my final moments in college at BYU-Idaho, I spent the last week sicker than a dog, with 19 hours of homework a day. When all I wanted to do and all my body was begging me to do was stay in bed and watch movies all day, I spent sun up until (way past) sun down on my laptop doing assignments, in class, or in the testing center. It was great.

I guess one good thing about being sick during finals week is the flowers you get from your fiancé.

Last Tuesday my grandparents from Orem, Utah came and picked me up so I could load all my stuff and go home. Just kidding I wish it were that simple. I did pack up all my stuff, but I don’t get to go home quite yet. I am spending 2 and a half weeks here in Utah. The first week my roommate Elisa was with me because her flight to North Carolina didn’t leave until Friday night. And then Sunday (tomorrow) my whole family from Arizona is coming to me!! We have a legendary family reunion, one that you would all be jealous of, the first week of august, which is why I decided to just stay in Utah for a week until my family came up for that!

After the reunion I will FINALLY be making my way to Arizona. Oh but wait, not for long. I will be in Arizona only from August 7th-August 18th. So basically I have 9 days to plan my wedding. Haha just kidding….kinda. I will be getting married in Arizona, so during that week I have to basically meet with all my vendors and people that will be helping me through out the way, how fun huh? Kinda worried not gonna lie…

But then on the 18th comes something really exciting! My family will pack up, get in our RV, and start the journey across the nation to VIRGINIA! We are taking a week to drive cross-country and just stop along the way a ton of places and see the east coast! We move into our new house on August 25th, and four days later I get to see my FIANCE.

I am lucky enough to have an awesome future sister-in-law that is coming up to Virginia from Texas with her husband and brother-in-law and we all get to spend Labor Day weekend at Virginia Beach. I can’t think of any other way I would want to spend it! My time to see Michael is extremely overdue, but the blessed thing about moving to Virginia is that his Army base is only located 3 hours south of me. Here’s to lots of weekend visits ahead!

Good luck to all my friends starting school again in August, I hope you had a good summer! Mine is just starting!

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  1. yeah...i am pretty awesome. ;) enjoy your trip to the east!