Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Busy is the new Happy

So in exactly one month from today, I will be wearing a white dress walking towards my handsome husband in the most dapper suit. I get butterflies just thinking about that day. I also get a headache ha. My engagement got cut three months short, but that just means I get 3 more months of being Mrs. Fox.

We decided not to have a reception just because we will be getting married in North Carolina, where neither of us really know anybody, so our wedding will be just a smaller intimate event with just family and really close friends.

On another super exciting note: ME AND MICHAEL GOT OUR FIRST APARTMENT! I move in on September 6th and Michael will move in after we get married, last weekend in September! It has been my job to get everything set up for this new apartment, including electricity, Wi-Fi, renters insurance, and all that fun jazz. I actually have been kind of enjoying doing so because it really makes me feel like a grown up, cause this is grown up stuff. Also it really makes me realize that Michael and me are starting our life together and we get to do all of this together. It makes it not as boring.

There’s a lot of stuff going on lately, but it is a good kind of busy, it is getting me to better things!

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