Sunday, August 18, 2013


There are rare times on Pinterest that you come across a quote that literally changes your entire day, your entire week, and sometimes your whole perspective. Almost like a slap in the face saying "this is what you need to realize!!!!" Almost like someone has been standing in front of you shouting at you for the past month and you have been smothering their voice with your ignorance. That's kinda what went down this morning when I came across this quote by of course none less than the infamous Gordon B. Hinkley. Who doesn't love him? Sometimes I so wish I could call up the prophets and apostles of this church and talk to them like they were my grandpa, I feel like that would help me so much in times of trial. And then I remember that, I have the next best thing. All of the best advice ever given on each and every topic imaginable has been compiled for us to turn to in times of trial or trouble. 

For me particularly this piece of advice was just what I needed in my time of trial and trouble. After receiving I think the most negative news one could receive last week, I allowed myself a couple solid hours to cry, and then I decided that in the most negative time, I am going to make this the most positive time. 

I feel like satan is pushing me to believe that I have every gosh dang reason to put my life on hold and to let his spirit to drag me down, to strip me of my happiness. 

And then God comes in and pushes me to believe that I am the most blessed person in this world. That my spirit needs to be on top of the clouds. 

So I've decided to let God win, and I am moving on and living with the happiest of spirits, and in this moment, I could not be any bit happier with my life despite its trials and troubles, because I know they are what make me strong. And because of this, I know eventually in time, everything will find a way of working out. 

Thanks for listening to my random Sunday rant. 

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  1. So normally I never comment on blogs and since you don't know me personally that makes it even more awkward... but I just want to let you know that this is EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Thank you so much for sharing, you have no idea how much I needed it.

    Also, your blog is adorable. Keep it up :)