Sunday, September 8, 2013

Housewife reality

It is every girls dream to grow up, marry the love of her life, settle down in the most perfect house, and decorate it to be a home, cook gourmet meals every night, and have dessert waiting in the oven. Then reality sets in.

I am living most of that dream, actually just the part about marrying the love of my life haha. The fact of the matter is you always hear growing up that the first couple years of marriage, your broke and poor. But for some reason, at least for me, I always thought it would be different for my husband and me. I thought that I wouldn’t have to work or go to school, I would just sit home and do wifely duties and greet my husband with a home-cooked meal when we walked through the day from his dream job. I thought I would be cooking that meal in the appropriate housewife worthy kitchen, with all the best utensils. Hahaha again, reality is hitting.

Yes, Michael and me are not loaded. Shocker, I am 19 for heavens sake; I don’t have much to my name. He, on the other hand, is 25 so thank goodness he has more going for him than I do. He does have his bachelor’s degree and an incredibly secure job, and we are blessed in that matter. However, I am still 2 semesters out from my associates, and then two years out from my bachelors. I have not worked for almost a year due to school and even before that I just worked at the local American Eagle, not exactly a substantial income.

Point of the matter is I just wish I could tell every one of my single friends, in high school or anything else, that good things come to those that work for it. Girls especially are famous for sitting back and waiting for a gentlemen to come along and pay for their way through life, to pay for their shopping sprees, to eat out every meal, and all their picture perfect dates they have dreamt of. And bless all the boys out there for doing such a good job keeping up with most of us. We sometimes forget that you too have to work for your money and pay for other things besides us, whoops. We still love you.

Approaching marriage ever so quickly I’ve been thinking a lot about this type of things. I am going to be going to school with a heavy course load starting a week and a half before my wedding (please pray for me haha) while Michael of course works. Once some craziness of the move and wedding settle down and we get in the swing of things I hope to go get a simple job, one that I don’t have to think much about so I can still succeed in my schooling, that’s what is more important. All growing up my dad emphasized that my schooling was my job, not another job. I promise you that if you put all that you have into schooling NOW, later down the line, your jobs will be much more rewarding both financially and mentally.

I moved into what will be Michael’s and I’s first apartment this weekend and the inner girl inside me just wants to run to every furniture store in town and pick out the cutest couch that would go with the most expensive end tables and such. But then I remember sometime in the past year or so I grew up or something….it happened so fast I’m still learning what that means. But right now I’m realizing that internet is not free, you will not always have what you want in your fridge, you are not always guaranteed a mattress to sleep on (currently borrowing a twin air mattress from a fellow church member haha), you will not always have something to sit on, or the coldest air conditioning because that stuff gets expensive. Life gets expensive.

But in all honesty, no matter how disappointed I get when I can’t get that cute accessory for my apartment, or we can’t afford to go to Denny’s again, the thought that Michael gets to sleep with me in this very apartment, in my same bed (as soon as we get one) in just 20 days, makes up for ALL of that. We could be sleeping on the ground for the next year and I would still be the happiest housewife.


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Let's go to the beach

A weekend spent on the beach is always a weekend well spent. And a weekend spent with family you don’t get to see very often is an even better weekend well spent. And on top of both of those a weekend with your fiancé by your side 24/7 is the icing on top of the best weekend possible. That’s exactly what I had, the best weekend possible.

I can’t thank my soon-to-be sister-in-law Aundrea and her husband Matt enough. She really made this weekend possible and one for the books, me and Michael promised to do the same for her and her husband when we get big and rich, which will be in no time I’m sure;)

We stayed in a perfect beachfront hotel, and for one night (due to room issues) we had the most amazing beach view with a balcony. Now who doesn’t love walking up to the beach?

I tried to lay out and get some much missed sun to make up for not getting any this summer and to get the “pre-wedding glow” yeah instead I just got tan lines in inconvenient places and swollen sunburnt knees. Michael got pretty fried himself. Poor Aundrea tried her hardest and was the only one who put on tanning oil, and she was the one that got the least amount of sun. 

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a fear of deep water, mostly the ocean, and heights, especially heights. Well combine these fears and what do you get? Parasailing? Nothing says growing up like facing your fears. I did it! And it was amazing! Makes me want to go jump off a building or sky dive! It was beautiful from 1000 feet up in the air with my love by my side. He thought it was funny to scare me and try to slip through the harness, I didn’t think that was funny. Haha I can laugh at it now. Overall an amazing experience.

Overall an amazing weekend. Now for next weekend: moving out/in.