Monday, October 21, 2013

I need to blog more.

Remember my resolution to do this blogging this once a week? Remember how I am a total failure? I'll try to do better, I really will. 

About my life right now:

Currently I am doing online school through BYU-Idaho and have one and a half more semesters left leaving me to graduate next July! The rest of my credits after this semester should be pretty easy, just filler credits from here on out. But THIS semester? Oh boy is it kicking me in the butt. I think I am just getting used to online school and it can be challenging at times, even though I sit at home all day while Michael is at work, doesn't mean I can do homework for 8 hours straight, I would literally go crazy.

Speaking of sitting at home all day. That is all I do. I don't know a soul out here besides my husband, and my family lives 4 hours north. Michael works monday-friday 5 am to 5pm. I normally try to sleep in realllly late so the days go by faster. I am that pathetic wife that misses my husband when he is at work. We only have one car as of now so Michael has it all day at work, hopefully that will change soon.

I am trying to find an easy job that pays something and most importantly gets me out of the house. I worked at American Eagle when I lived in Arizona during high school and I would love to get something like that again, retail. 

I am currently LOVING being married. Michael is the sweetest husband I could have ever landed and I count him in my blessings twice. I never have to cook, he does that for me. He wakes me up in the morning with breakfast in bed. Does a lot of my homework for me. And takes me to sonic at 1 o clock in the morning for late night cravings. Takes me to the mall and tells me to pick out something for myself. Cuddles me for hours on the weekend mornings. Watches chick flicks with me. And most importantly makes me feel like a million bucks at all times. 

Michael gets surgery next friday on a hernia, which means he gets extra time off work, which both of us are thrilled about. We will be driving up to my parents house in Richmond after he gets surgery because my brother will be coming home from basic training for the marines, he gets 10 days off, so we are going to see him! I haven't seen him since memorial day, so it has been awhile! 

Oh and I forgot the BEST NEWS! Remember how I moved up my wedding date 3 months because Michael was being deployed in January and we wanted some time together before he left? GREAT NEWS. He has been having some medical stuff going on, including the hernia, that is preventing him from going with this deployment! That's right, HE ISN'T GOING! This is by far the greatest blessing, I don't know what I would have done those 9 months without my husband waking me up with his cold feet every morning. Man do I love him

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