Tuesday, October 8, 2013

wedding day recap

I really have been meaning to get around to writing one of these things! Lots of catching up to do! Well...I'M MARRIED. That changed since the last time I was on here.

September 28th 2013; the happiest day of my life all thanks to both of my amazing families, and all my friends who supported and helped me, and most importantly my husband. Okay now that I finished my grammy speech… haha
But really, everything was beautiful and surprisingly peaceful. For that I am grateful. I was always worried that my wedding day would be full of stress and chaos of people running around making sure everything was perfect and set up. At my bachelorette party a few days before my bridesmaid Hannah asked me what I wanted my day to be like and the first thing I said was “stress free”. I was lucky and my engagement was generally pretty stress free and easy. Which it had every right to be stressful. Cut three months short, planned for a place I had never been, finishing up my first year of college, having a long distance relationship, and moving across the country? Yeah it should have been a lot more stressful than it was. My whole day only consisted of one breakdown, and I was completely entitled to it! My dress zipper broke like 2 minutes before I was supposed to be at the temple haha right? I had the right to break down! But grandma came and saved the day! Worked perfectly…gotta love those grandmas right?

But the moment I got to the temple even if it was rushed and I was being pushed every way, it was peaceful and happy. Even if there was a mess up in my reservation and it was made 2 hours late, it was peaceful and happy. Even if my dress got destroyed from walking around in the forest, it was peaceful and happy. Besides, you only wear it once right?

Side note: I am so grateful to be a member of this church and that I get to literally spend eternity being sealed to Michael. I can’t imagine anything else. The temple is such a beautiful blessing to us. It was such an amazing feeling being inside with Michael; to have him there by my side as we both experienced something so special it still gives me butterflies to think about. That feeling of staring into his eyes, knowing that I would be staring into those eyes until I’m old and grey puts an immediate smile on my face. He has the best chocolate eyes. (Future babies of mine: please get daddy’s eyes lol)

Anyways, to answer so many questions, we got married and sealed in Raleigh, North Carolina. No neither of us are from here and neither of us want to live here forever. Michael is obviously in the Army and this is where his duty station is, we have zero control over that. We would have LOVED to get married in Arizona to have all of our family and friends there with us, but a marriage is a marriage anywhere you have it. And I am 100% sure that this is how it was supposed to be. Made me really think about the fact that a wedding really is such a small event that leads to something so much bigger. The wedding isn’t the important part, marriage is. Yes I have dreamt about my big wedding and reception for literally years, but all of my wildest dreams came true on September 28th. The day couldn’t have been more perfect, spent with all the special people in my life.

To view more pictures visit http://tysonfrench.com/fox-wedding/

And our wedding video sums up the perfection of the day.


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