Monday, November 18, 2013

Leaves are falling.

I am still waiting for life to slow down a little bit, but then at the same time, I am loving all the new things going on.

If you have never been to the east coast during the fall, do yourself a favor and put that on your bucket list, preferably number one. Yes it’s that amazing. I find myself almost getting in crashes on the freeway everyday cause I’m so distracted by all the pretty colors and trying to take a picture of it, which never does it justice.

Michael had surgery on a hernia about 3 weeks ago and it was a bittersweet experience. Bitter because of course he was in pain a little longer than we both expected and his pain meds made him all queasy and stuff, which meant lots of laying in bed and cuddling. Which brings me to the sweet part. 3 FULL weeks of cuddle time with my husband. Okay I understand how lame that sounds but when you’re an “army wife” that is just flat out RARE! He was only really sick for about the first week and then after that he could walk around if he took it slow.

So during these three weeks we decided to get the best out of them cause we wouldn’t have that time off again for a lonnnnng time (so we thought). My old roommate Elisa (AKA Kardashian) came down to Fayetteville where we live and her and I spent her 20th birthday in the ER with my husband. Lol. I felt bad but not something I can control haha! The next day we went and got our nails done and went shopping, typical girl stuff. I am still acquainting myself with this town so I didn’t exactly know where to take her!

Then me and my lovely took a road trip up to see my parents and siblings in Virginia! I am so glad their just a 3 hour car ride away! Michael was pretty sick on the car ride up so he was passed out and high on meds. Oh the life! Look at that face.

We were there over Halloween, but we were lame and didn’t dress up but instead stayed in, passed out candy, and watched vampire diaries. That about how festive we got. Haha it was good! My sassy sister Izzy was the only family member that dressed up, and she put the rest of us to shame!

It was also really nice seeing my brother Brock, who just graduated from basic training for the Marines and was on his 10 leave, it was weird that I realized the last time I saw him was when I was introducing Michael to my family in May! Time flies!

Again, fall is soo soo soooo pretty here.

Did I mention I turned 20?! Well I did. Haha and it was the best birthday to date. Birthdays are so much better when you’re a Mrs. We were getting ready to leave my parents house after spending a week there to come back home and wait out the rest of Michaels time off work spending hours a day in bed watching greys anatomy. But instead Michael surprised me and we drove to Virginia beach instead of home!! This beach is probably one of my favorites, we spent a weekend there with my sister-in-law about a month before the wedding, it was so nice to come back married! It was also way different cause last time we came it was Labor day, so PACKED, this time it was 75 degrees and the only people in sight were over the age of 65, we pretty much had the beach to ourselves. It was a quick little trip consisting of 2 nights of my FAVORITE things in this world:

  • ·      Hotel beds. I crave those things.
  • ·      Beach walks.
  • ·      My birthday. It’s better than Christmas cause its all about you. Selfish? Don’t care.
  • ·      And my husband

We finally were in town for a weekend! Literally the first time since we got married! So we went to church for our first time! It is teeeeeny here! But that was to be expected! Michael and I team taught the 4 year olds just for this sunday, talk about putting us to work right away right? Haha but I LOVED it! I think I want to put a request in to get called as that. Their little personalities were to die for, and they were all so eager and excited about everything in life! Oh to be 4 again!

Today is Michael’s first day back at work, hence the super long blog post. Its to keep me from crying okay? Haha just kidding, I’m just bored. I think I get separation anxiety from my husband. In all seriousness. Its bad. So for your entertainment, and ours, here's him transforming back into military man.

Okay. That is all. Enjoy people. Oh and just because I moved across the country and got married doesn’t mean you people can forget about me. I still love everyone. Gilbert, Utah, Rexburg, wherever…..lets keep in touch. Peace out.

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  1. Awww, I love this post!!! I love you guys and can't wait for Christmas!!!