Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Birthday Boy

Michaels Birthday was yesterday, and that will always be a special day for the both of us! I actually met him on his birthday last year, I didn’t know that until after about 6 months of dating and we put the pieces together! He didn’t say anything about it being his birthday! When it’s my birthday…I make sure everyone around me know it haha.

If you have read past post, you know I met him at church and then later that night we talked for awhile at the Mesa temple…how cute right? He spent his birthday at the temple…he’s a winner.

Anyways! My birthday was just over a month ago and he took me for a weekend getaway to the beach! How was I supposed to top that…especially when I don’t have any money:( yeah it was hard! I picked him out a couple shirt and a sweatshirt when I went shopping on black Friday with my mom, but obviously that wasn’t enough! He said that birthdays weren’t that big of a deal in his family growing up, to me…birthdays are always a big deal haha.

Soo when he was at work on Monday I got up early (10 am is early for me okay) and headed out to see what ideas came to me….the first half of the day I had no luck! SO I turned to pinterest for some inspiration and I finally came up with some things! So I got all the material needed and headed home to put it together! Michael normally gets home around 5-6pm so I had plenty of time to get everything together!

I decided to fill a mason jar with “26 reasons why I love you…” most of them consisted of things like “you eat my nasty dinners” and “the way you try to tickle me even though I’m no where near ticklish” but them some of them were all sentimental and cute like:)

Then I started to make him a birthday cake when all the sudden I get a text from him

Him: “I’m coming home!”
Me: “NO!!! Already?!” (the normal reaction is YAYYYYYY!)
Me: “take the long way home”
Him: “what?! Okay…. I guess I’ll go to Mcdonalds.”
Me: “Eat there”

Hahahaha I went into panic mode! The glitter I put on his “26 reasons” jar was still drying and the cake wasn’t done and I hadn’t even done my hair or make up for the day! Super wife came into play and somehow it all worked out!

We spent the evening getting a couple games of bowing in, a nice dinner, and came home to cuddle and watch a movie. I hope he had a good birthday, cause I sure enjoyed it!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Oh it is PUPPY love

The cat is out of the bag! Not like it was a secret, that’s just what people say when they’re announcing something big like a pregnancy. I am not pregnant, just am becoming a new mommy to a PUPPY!

When me and Michael first started dating I told him that I want a puppy for our first Christmas present, then we got married so close to Christmas I didn’t really think about it, then one day I don’t even know how it came up but it did and I couldn’t be happier!

So the hunt began!! I have to say, looking for the perfect puppy can be a bit harder than it sounds. We researched what breeds were options, what we both wanted, and what we thought would be the best fit for our family! We came to the conclusion that we wanted a Cocker spaniel/Poodle mix, AKA a Cockapoo! The name is even cute right? Pictures of these dogs stole our hears!

We came to choose this dog because it is known for being very easily trained and extremely well behaved. They are good with kids, will be patient with slobbery hands squeezing and pulling at its cute curly hair. Characteristic that SOLD us? They don’t shed! Phew! That’s gonna save us some money in lint rollers!

We looked and looked and looked until we finally found a litter that was born on November 14 and ready to go home January 14th! Perfect timing for us! We get back from Arizona on the 2nd! And hopefully are moving into a new apartment end of January! So we jumped on it!

Little Boy will be coming home to us January 11th and we seriously could not be more excited!!

 Our little boy is the darker tan one in the left top corner!! EEEEk!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Food Stamps for Blessings

I sit here with tears slowly streaming down my face as I write this, and for those of you who know me, know I completely do not cry. Don’t worry they are happy tears.

Today I had an experience too good not to share, one that touched and humbled me so much that I had to write it down.

First off, last week I read an article that was shared on Facebook of the top 5 most dangerous cities in America…no surprise to me that Fayetteville was on that list. If you follow me on twitter, you get little updates about just the fun stuff that goes on in good old Fayetteville (shots fired in the apartment above us, drug busts, body found in a different apartment upstairs….good stuff).

Anyways, the point of that snippet was for you to further understand that going to the grocery store sometimes takes courage for me, and I remind myself not to make eye contact with anyone. So I went today cause we were out of milk, also if you know me you know that I can’t survive without milk, and I got a few other things along with the milk, mostly frozen things and then went to get in line to pay, the lines were taking forever. In front of me there was this tiny hunched back old lady with shaking hands, and to the left of me was this about 21 year old guy with piercings in places I didn’t even know people get piercings, and his pants down to his knees. I was minding my own business, browsing Instagram when this little round lady probably in her late 50’s came up to talk to the women in front of me, it looked like they knew each other until she then went to talk to the fella to my left, her voice was so soft I couldn’t hear what she was saying to them until she came up to me.

“Excuse me sweetheart, I seem to by about $20-$30 short for my utility bill this month, I thought I would be okay but ends just didn’t seem to match up and God knows what I’ll do if it gets shut off.”

At this point I thought she was just asking me for cash, so I said, “I am so sorry I do not have any cash on me.”

“Will you let me pay for your groceries with my food stamps?”

I had way more that $30 worth of food in there but I said “of course, then I can just get cash back for you.”

She then wrapped her arms around me so tight “oh goodness, thank you so much, thank you thank you” she kept saying.

To me it wasn’t a big deal at all, but to her it meant everything. I saw the weight lifted off her shoulders as she smiled.
She told me that it is so hard when she has to resort to this because when she asks people to do something like this “they look at her like she’s a piece of “doodoo” and it makes staying positive in life really hard.” Made me think how true that is, how judgmental we can be to people when we don’t know what trials they are facing.

While we waited in line she told me a little bit about herself, she told me last year her ending salary for the whole year was $2,500. I couldn’t believe it, we make more than that a month. She also told me that she has a daughter who is 23 and has had three heart attacks, and a stroke, and was just diagnosed with schizophrenia disease. She told me that most jobs will work with you to a certain point about taking time off for medical appointments, and then they give up and let you go. “Making sure my daughter has the medical care she needs is more important to me.”

 Randomly in between her telling me some of her stories she stopped and looked at me and said, “you have such a sweet beautiful spirit radiating off of you.” At that moment I wanted to hug her, those words meant so much to me.

She was an employee there at the wal-mart so I told her that my mom worked here a while back while my family was going through some tightness in money and my dad was in the army. She told me that it is the only job that truly works with her and is helping her get to a better life.

She then asked me if I have any children, I of course said, “oh no, not yet, I just got married.” Her next words tugged on my heartstrings extra hard, “well sweetheart, when the time comes, you will be the best mother to those blessed children.”

By this point it was time to pay, she paid for all of it on her food stamps, and I got $50 cash out to give to this sweet lady, she hugged me again, and we went on our separate ways.

The entire way back home I was in some sort of trance of gratitude and humility. This lady was so positive about life, and we who have more than we need, get caught being negative far too often. This lady, who I do not even know her name, hit something in me, she taught me great faith and I am blessed to have the chance to have helped her out.

Sunday, December 1, 2013


I’m just going to start off by saying that this is totally one of those cliché post about how great life is and how grateful I am for everything and every one.

This thanksgiving was very very different then the ones I’m used to. The biggest difference is that I’m married and have my husband with me! Which is a good thing of course! Another difference is that my older sister Amanda wasn’t there! I sure do miss her little boy and I can’t wait to see them soon! There is a possibility that they will be moving out east as well, fingers crossed! My dad was also missing! He is away on a last minute business trip; at least he has my brother in law with him so he wasn’t alone! And yet more people missing; both of my brothers gone! Tyson is in Utah with my mom’s family that is there and Brock is in the Marines and was not able to get leave for the holiday! So what normally is a very full house, is just 5 of us here! Last thanksgiving there was over 50 of us there!

Thanksgiving Day was pretty laid back and simple, my mom made a delicious meal and of course we topped it off with a 6 o’clock run to Wal-Mart to snatch up a $20 queen air mattress! This was really the only thing we cared enough to go out and fight the crowds to get, we want it to be a tad more enjoyable for people if they want to come and visit us. This is me telling people to come visit us.

The weekend started out with taking the kids ice skating. Which was kind of embarrassing due to the fact that Michael is a star on that ice, he has played hockey quite a bit and jumped right back to it. On the other hand, the two-year-old flying past me was showing I me up. Whatever it’s cool, I didn’t feel dumb at all. We still had a good time!

Thanksgiving Day was pretty laid back and simple, my mom made a delicious meal and of course we topped it off with a 6 o’clock run to Wal-Mart to snatch up a $20 queen air mattress! This was really the only thing we cared enough to go out and fight the crowds to get, we want it to be a tad more enjoyable for people if they want to come and visit us. This is me telling people to come visit us.


Of course my husband: everyday I lived before I met him I didn’t know what I was missing out on.
My family: we are all in great contact and stay in touch, that’s the main reason I started this blog.
My health: I haven’t always had this blessing and have had my fair share of health complications through my life, but right now, right now I am grateful for my health.
The gospel: it is the only thing I have living out here in North Carolina that makes me feel at home. No matter where I go or what troubles I am going through, the church is a constant comforter.
My home: I complain about my little apartment a lot, way more than I should, because it is a home, one that I share with my husband.
My education: again, I complain about that A LOT, but then I remember all the people that don’t have the privilege to gain an education, and I know it is what I need to make my future better.

This list could really go on, and I am considering starting a thankful journal for the year 2014 after I have been pondering all my blessings this past week.

ps: my blog is in the process of getting redesigned, ignore the fact that it is all over the place.