Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Birthday Boy

Michaels Birthday was yesterday, and that will always be a special day for the both of us! I actually met him on his birthday last year, I didn’t know that until after about 6 months of dating and we put the pieces together! He didn’t say anything about it being his birthday! When it’s my birthday…I make sure everyone around me know it haha.

If you have read past post, you know I met him at church and then later that night we talked for awhile at the Mesa temple…how cute right? He spent his birthday at the temple…he’s a winner.

Anyways! My birthday was just over a month ago and he took me for a weekend getaway to the beach! How was I supposed to top that…especially when I don’t have any money:( yeah it was hard! I picked him out a couple shirt and a sweatshirt when I went shopping on black Friday with my mom, but obviously that wasn’t enough! He said that birthdays weren’t that big of a deal in his family growing up, to me…birthdays are always a big deal haha.

Soo when he was at work on Monday I got up early (10 am is early for me okay) and headed out to see what ideas came to me….the first half of the day I had no luck! SO I turned to pinterest for some inspiration and I finally came up with some things! So I got all the material needed and headed home to put it together! Michael normally gets home around 5-6pm so I had plenty of time to get everything together!

I decided to fill a mason jar with “26 reasons why I love you…” most of them consisted of things like “you eat my nasty dinners” and “the way you try to tickle me even though I’m no where near ticklish” but them some of them were all sentimental and cute like:)

Then I started to make him a birthday cake when all the sudden I get a text from him

Him: “I’m coming home!”
Me: “NO!!! Already?!” (the normal reaction is YAYYYYYY!)
Me: “take the long way home”
Him: “what?! Okay…. I guess I’ll go to Mcdonalds.”
Me: “Eat there”

Hahahaha I went into panic mode! The glitter I put on his “26 reasons” jar was still drying and the cake wasn’t done and I hadn’t even done my hair or make up for the day! Super wife came into play and somehow it all worked out!

We spent the evening getting a couple games of bowing in, a nice dinner, and came home to cuddle and watch a movie. I hope he had a good birthday, cause I sure enjoyed it!

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