Sunday, January 12, 2014

Meet Mogely

WE HAVE OUR PUPPY! You know how new moms go crazy and post 75 pictures and give updates on their baby daily? yeah...sorry but that's going to be me with my dog! Forgive me, but I don't have a lil babe to do that with!

We picked Mogley out when he was barely 2 weeks old so we had to wait 6 WHOLE WEEKS  for him, it went slower than I thought it would, but that's okay because he is home with us now and he couldn't be more cute and cuddly. He never leaves my side and thinks its the funniest thing when I move my feet to walk! 

We had to drive about 3 hours to pick him up, the breeders met us half way! They were the closest breeder we could find that didn't have a wait list until 2051 or didn't cost $5000, so it was a deal. 

Everybody wish me luck in training this lil dude because his face is hard to be mad at, I am saying this before he poops on my pillow or chews up my favorite shirt, ask me how I feel about his face later.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Years!

New years resolutions yo!!! I would like to remind everybody that last years resolution was this blog….look where I am now!

Now as I plan out this year and what we hope for, I KNOW it is going to be a big and exciting year. I love that this year I got to make my resolutions with my husband, it makes it so much more exciting and motivating to stick to what you plan!

Keep this blog thing going, I love going back and reading my old posts.
Become closer to my families
Pay off our credit card and avoid getting it that high again

Finally get my much needed brain surgery
Move into and get settled into our new apartment
Make our apartment a home
Have a well behaved and trained puppy

Finish getting the furniture for our apartment
Become employed
Finish my medical assisting program
Graduate with my associates
Get back healthy and on top of medical things
365 days of good journal

Continue mine and Michael’s weekly dates

Learn how to cook more
Wean myself from my phone
Worry less about other people’s lives and what their doing and care more about my life and what I’m working towards.
Write one thing about everyday

Send out Christmas cards 

This is a huge year and there are so many possibilities and so much potential I am so excited! Everyone stay tuned for greatness

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas Vacation

Man have these past three weeks been good or what? It all started off with flying to Phoenix!! First time I have been there since august and first time Michael has been there since May! It was way too good to be home for the holidays! The 18 days that we were there consisted of lots of bahama bucks, costa vida, seeing old friends, and spending way too much time baby cuddling (just kidding there’s no such thing) and with family and all 6 nieces and nephews that also got to come out!
Having Baby Fox there, the newest nephew, did not help Michael’s baby hunger one bit! Haha he has it a case of it since day one, and a bad one.
This Christmas eve and Christmas was the first one away from my own family, but it didn’t feel like that at all because I was surrounded by my new family!

 (this one was a joke and happened to turn out)

For Christmas Michael got a new MacBook Pro laptop and I got the puppy, which I pick up IN ONE WEEK!

New years was spent with some friends at their apartment, we went hot tubing, made some s’mores, and then lit off some fireworks out in an empty field, and went to go through old pictures and reflect on the past adventures!

Flying back to north Carolina was slightly depressing knowing that the next time we will be able to go back to Arizona will be a long time from now, however, I am ready to tackle this year and all that it has in-store for us!