Sunday, February 16, 2014

Love is in the Air

So of course I could just not post about our first valentines day as a married couple!!

Last years valentines was a little bit less eventful, but every bit the same with the amount of love! Just kidding, that’s impossible, I love Michael more everyday…but you get the point! This time last year Michael was in basic training and I was up at school in Rexburg, Idaho. We had only been dating for a little over a month so I wasn’t sure if we were going to be doing something for each other, and if we were…what the heck was I supposed to do? All he can get are letters and pictures! So I worked with it and went out with my roommates and some chalk to face the negative temperatures for a mini photo shoot for my man! This was the result! I had to send it out a couple weeks early hoping that it would get there to him on time, mail took FOREVER to get to him!

I was 100% not expecting anything from him except maybe a phone call, he occasionally got to make one short one too me and I thought they might let him on Valentines day of all days! Nope! To my surprise I got the prettiest arrangement of flowers delivered to my apartment door that left me smiling ear to ear for at least a week!

This valentines day we agreed that we weren’t going to get each other anything, I have been sick for the past 2 weeks and haven’t felt up to doing much, but thankfully, to some magic I woke up valentines morning feeling great! Might I add, I woke up to Michael making breakfast in the kitchen:) after breakfast Michael went to take the “trash out” and was gone for 45 minutes haha I knew something was up when he called me and told me to go into our guest bedroom for a minute and that was it! I didn’t hear anything else for the rest of the day! 

The day went by, we got dressed up (for me the first time in weeks, thank you flu) and went and took some pictures, and went out for a fancy lunch date to Chick-fil-a, came home and I got my surprise from him! Most romantic thing imaginable! Baths are my happy place, I seriously believe they’re free therapy for anything, and this bath just totally topped them all!

I now have the prettiest flowers sitting on my kitchen table to remind me that I married up.

We went out to dinner at our favorite sushi/hibachi grill in this town and came home to snuggle and watch movies!

I still can’t believe how different this year is compared to last year and I wouldn’t change a thing! I enjoyed actually being here with me instead of on the other side of the country! I hope everyone else had a happy love day! 


  1. awh whit this is so cute. I remember taking those pictures for him last year! you two are great. p.s. I nominated you for this award because you're awesome. go check it out

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