Monday, February 10, 2014

Onto bigger & better things

Not much too exciting has been happening lately…but it’s been a month since my last post and I know eventually when I go back and read this thing in 5 years, I am going to regret not writing.

Wait…who am I kidding?! Something crazy exciting happened! We moved into our new place last weekend. We were previously in the crappiest dump you could imagine. We were both new to the area and found the place online, it was the first place that we looked at so we got it cause we needed it fast, worst mistake. We should have noticed the mold by the awful smell, but we thought the smell would go away once we got our stuff in, when instead it just made all of our stuff stink! Anyways! We ARE FREEE and in love with our new place and that is all that matters now! I will post pictures probably in my next post cause we are waiting on just some last minute décor things to come in the mail to help it not look so empty!

My two awesome brothers came down to help up cause Michael got ANOTHER hernia surgery conveniently 3 days before we moved in and could barely leave bed, and we now live on the 3rd floor and lets face it, my little scrawny arms ain’t much help in the lifting department. Before I get so much crap about how annoying living on the 3rd floor is let me defend our choice!

  1. SO much quieter. We don’t here car doors opening and shutting, people talking while taking a smoke, people that enjoy blasting their car stereos…nada!
  2. Its really only two flights of stairs that will force me to get some sort of exercise daily. Okay maybe not daily cause I don’t leave the house that often, but at LEAST weekly.
  3. Vaulted ceilings in our master! It makes the room feel so much bigger and open, plus we love the look.
  4. We feel SO much safer. I mean living in the #5 most dangerous cities in the US we try to keep safe around here. There are only two other apartment doors in our building and on our level, so pretty much no one comes up here. Also no one can see in our blinds! We lived on the first floor before and we had to have black out curtains on every window cause everyone could see straight in, freaked me out. I’m enjoying letting natural light in more in our new place.

So yes, I love our choice for the 3rd floor and I would do it over again if I had too!

After my brothers came and helped us move, we went back up with them to Virginia. My sister and her family moved there in December with my sweet nephew and it was soooo good to see him again! I hadn’t seen him since my wedding! Far too long! Mogley and Jaxon were the cutest darn thing I had ever seen! They played with eachother constantly and were both lovin every minute of it. I can tell Mogley misses Jax! 

That’s it for now, husband is bugging me to come cuddle with him….husbands, what are we gonna do with them? Stay tuned for apartment pics! It has been SO fun to decorate this place!

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