Saturday, March 29, 2014


We are OVER THE MOON about baby girl fox joining us in september!!! I know I said all along we didn't have a preference, and that was true, because we would have 100% loved it the same no matter what, buuutttt.....secretly in my heart I wanted a little baby girl!! I was shaking so much during the ultrasound and my heart was pumping so fast my adrenaline was through the roof! I couldn't believe it! I squealed like a teenage girl over and over again!

We are up at my parents in Virginia for the weekend, we came here to share the news with them in person! This is only the second grandchild on my side and the first girl! My mom was hoping it was a girl since I shared the news with her! We may have gone a little overboard in the little girl sections today! Little girl is already very very spoiled and so loved!! I think she may be set on clothes until she is two...we couldn't help ourselves...all things baby are too cute, especially for little girls!! Ahhh! I can't believe we have a little miss on the way!


  1. Your gender reveal video was adorable :) Remember when we were in EFY together? so fun. Congrats on everything!! You look gorgeous!!

    1. agh yes! i've seen your face a couple times pop up via social media and I'm always taken back to those days! so fun! and a huugge thank you! we are obviously thrilled!