Friday, April 4, 2014


Okay I know I said I wouldn’t do these so often cause things don’t change that fast, well I spoke too soon! This week was too exciting not to share! {Also I found a new questionnaire and I like these questions more!}

HOW FAR: 17 weeks today (my turn over days are Fridays)

BABY IS THE SIZE OF: a turnip, and since I don’t know how big that is, I looked up another comparison, the size of my hand! About 5 inches! She’s growing so fast!

MATERNITY CLOTHES: oh yeah baby… and best decision I made! I despise jeans when I’m not pregnant there was just no way I was going to put them on and be even more uncomfortable. The only problem I ran into, maternity clothes are ugly people. I found it so hard to find anything that didn’t look like I was 40 and frumpy. I hit the jackpot at h&m and got the perfect pair of black skinnies and some Bermuda shorts. I don’t plan on buying more than that because I plan on living in dresses and stretchy pants!

SLEEP: sleep is getting a little harder lately. Although I am not complaining cause I have yet to wake up just to pee. I am a dedicated stomach sleeper so that is starting to become a bit of a problem and it makes me sick to…probably baby yelling at me to stop squishing her!

MOVEMENT: OKAY!! Ahhhh! This right here is why I HAD to do a post this week! Yes! I can say yes to this question! I have been unsure now for about 2 weeks if I was infact feeling her wiggle around or if it was just my stomach doing its thang ya know? Well these past couple days, 100% its baby girl! Especially if I lay on my side! It almost feels like my muscles are twitching? And you wanna know the best part!?

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: MICHAEL FELT HER TOO! Last night! I wasn’t sure if he would be able to and I was just able to cause its happening inside of me, but sure enough! Last week at our ultrasound I found out my placenta is behind the baby so the baby is the most forward part, which makes it really easy to feel her, find her heartbeat, and get super cute pictures of her!

MISS ANYTHING: not really this week! I’ve been feeling good! I started my prenatal workouts and officially can’t walk, but it’s a good feeling! Oh I haven’t been able to touch or even think about pizza since I got pregnant, but since I was feeling so much better I thought I would try it again, nope. Puked within the first two bites.

FOOD CRAVINGS: flaming hot Cheetos? Are you kidding me? I literally haven’t eaten those since I was like 11! And I have like 5 peanut butter and honey sandwiches a day!

ANYTHING MAKE YOU QUEASY: pizza. Still my pantry. Targets popcorn smell. And meat, I’ve been able to eat a little chicken but that’s it.

AM I SHOWING: yes! I have a teeny tiny torso so baby is popping right out….short girl probs right? You can definitely tell I’m pregnant and not just fat now! Yay!

WEDDING RINGS: please tell me I’m not the only horrible wife that wears my wedding ring like twice a month? I don’t know why cause I LOVE IT, but this is bad to say, its so big it gets caught on pretty much everything. I think I’m going to get a matching band and just wear that all the time, but in regards to pregnancy, YES! Its pretty loose on me to begin with so I’ll probably be able to wear it until the end!

HAPPY OR MOODY: besides crying over pretty much anything? I’m good! Don’t send any tearjerkers my way please!

LOOKING FORWARD TO: buying the crib this month! Hopefully! The one I want is sold out on pretty much every site but I’m still holding out hope!

 I always knew that baby clothes would be my weakness but holy cow it’s like I have no control! That has been my favorite part about knowing baby is a little miss is shopppping!! And finally being able to really brainstorm nursery ideas! I want to paint here pretty soon! If you have seen the other pictures from my apartment you know I love accent walls, her room will be no different! Also I’m pretty sure we have a name picked out! Just trying to finalize the middle name and then I think we will announce it! I wasn’t planning on announcing until birth because so many people give their unwanted opinions about it and I didn’t want that! But I figured I know I LOVE it and Michael LOVES it and that is all that matters, she is OUR baby girl after all! You can’t please everyone! So keep your eye out for her name in the near future!

(if you look really close baby girl is smiling! ahhhh!)


  1. Love love love! I was so surprised when both my husband and I were both able to feel her kick around 17 weeks because I didn't expect it so early but let me tell you it never gets old!! I still just love when she moves around it's so reassuring that everything is going okay. Cutest clothes and cannot wait to hear the name!

  2. Love your blog. My friend's expecting an she's using these removable wall patterns in the nursery, they're super cute. She got them off of Good luck with everything!

  3. ha! I'm with you on the pantry smell. Yuck. But the Target popcorn.... I totally succumbed to it and bought a bag on Saturday. Probably haven't had Target popcorn since I was 7, but it was awesome :)

  4. Oh my goodness I want all of those clothes!!! I die over polkadots and stripes - and those floral pants?! Get outta here! Please please tell me the scoop on where you get your shopping done! Also, I'd love to ask what sizes you are getting her, ours are both due in September and I'm so curious how warm or cool to dress her, ya know?
    xo Sara

    1. H&M, Gap, TJ maxx, and Kid to Kid (or sometimes called Once upon a child) have been my GO too! Love Gap, hate the prices though so I watch for sales! But h&m baby clothes are the best! As for sizes, everyone told me to hardly buy anything and to wait until I know how she grows...and I just couldn't do that! I live in NC and it doesn't snow too much but does get chilly...but there are no sweaters or anything really to buy right now! It's all spring stuff! I have very little newborn stuff cause I figured I'll get a ton of that from my shower! We have the most 3-6 months I think! But we have clothes all up to size 18 month! (my nephew is 5 months and wearing 18 month so I thought I would buy a couple huge sizes just incase haha). I'll probably dress her pretty normally this winter but then stock up on blankets, beanies, sweaters, and get a carseat cover thing to keep her warm when we go out!
      ps: so happy you found me! Love other blogging mommas to be!