Friday, April 25, 2014


had to add: struggles of a self timer

HOW FAR: 20 WEEKS! Officially half way! And this kinda makes me want to cry! As much as I am ready to meet my precious babe, being pregnant is honestly the best feeling in the world! Even with all the puking, heartburn, migraines, and other strange body things, I already know I’m going to miss it.

BABY IS THE SIZE OF: A banana!! Holy big! 10.5 ounces and about 10 inches from head to toe!

MATERNITY CLOTHES: I still have just bought the one pair of black skinnies cause those are a necessity! And I really have just been wearing dresses and leggings…but I am not sure how long some of my leggings are going to last! I have a few that are starting to cut off my circulation! And some of my tank tops are starting to become belly shirts..that's cute right?

SLEEP: ehhh this little baby is already starting to wake me up before the crack of dawn! I have always been a late sleeper…I’m talking like 11 o’clock on average, but now it’s more like 5 am average! Also turning from side to side is strangely difficult! And the heartburn gets much worse when I lay down! And I have this new annoying nuisance that I feel like someone is sitting on my chest when I lay down, it's hard to breathe and I can totally feel my heart struggling! 

MOVEMENT: YES YES YES! And I love it!!!! I seriously can’t say this enough! She is getting so strong!! I can look down and totally see her moving around in my stomach! It is pretty much all day now instead of just at night or after I eat! I wake up feeling her move and it’s the best start to my days!

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: We painted the nursery! And got the crib! And got the rocking chair! Haha it was a successful week in the nursery building! Who knew buying baby furniture was so much fun! I can’t wait until they get here and it can all start coming together!
Another fun moment: I had my first stranger ask me how far along I was! I know this offends some people...but I don’t know why cause it made my day! Yay for not just looking chubby anymore!

MISS ANYTHING: I always have to think hard for this question cause I just love being pregnant! So even though there are things I miss, they are outweighed by all the good things!

FOOD CRAVINGS: Still those stinkin flaming hot Cheetos! I can’t get enough! I have been trying to consciously eat healthier than I normally do to try to avoid gaining 50 pounds but there is no saying no to those things! Still eating lots of peanut butter and honey sandwiches! And salad with lots and lots of vinergerette dressing!

ANYTHING MAKE YOU QUEASY: Pizza and meat! Chicken is okay some days but that’s about it!

AM I SHOWING: oh yes! my bump is kinda pointy somedays and it makes me laugh! 

WEIGHT GAIN: wasn’t sure I was going to include this question incase I gain 50 pounds and I want to keep that secret to myself, but 6 pounds so far! It’s strange seeing the scale go up cause I’ve been the same weight for like 5 years!

STRETCH MARKS: none! Still very very adamant about putting on my vitamin E oil morning and night! But stretch marks are most definitely in my genes so it's me against biology! Let's hope I win! 

HAPPY OR MOODY: I feel like my hormones are pretty much normal most of the time! Until I watch some sad documentary or a tearjerker story!

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Going to the beach this weekend and tanning this big ol’ baby bump!!

ps: that thing that everyone says about pregnancy going by fast is far too true for me! 

Have a good weekend! xoxo


  1. okay you make me want to be pregnant!! youre the cutest. xoxo

    1. ahhh! thank you! You will love being pregnant too i know it! xoxo