Saturday, May 31, 2014


This week has been a very successful one in the nursery department! Her changing table and chair came and suddenly the room doesn’t feel so empty! Yet still I feel like there are a thousand things needed before she comes…will that feeling ever go away?! Michael and me went thrift shopping today…if that’s what you can call it! Here in Fayetteville it just isn’t the same and I have to hunt 10 times harder than I would back in Arizona or Utah! But the hunting was worth it today! We got a handful of darling (all name brand) baby clothes for a whopping total of $5! This past week we found little trinkets at the local goodwill that we spray painted gold….for a whopping total of $2.50! When I kid you not I could probably return to Anthropolgie and they wouldn’t know the difference! Am I the only one that gets super motivated and pumped after finding a good deal or thrift find? 

yeah we got lucky at the flea market today! How pretty are these vintage mexican shoes?
This is actually in my room...but it belongs to lil miss

Ps: this knit blanket was hand knitted by lil girl's great-great-great grandma! Yes 3 greats! Every grandchild has one, including me! I can’t wait to wrap little girl up in these and think about my great-great grandma watching down on us, like a heavenly hug! –k so cheesy but so cute!

Holy cow there is BABY stuff in MY apartment! 

Thursday, May 29, 2014


First off: how the heck am I already 25 weeks? 3 more weeks and I am in my FINAL trimester! Just blows my mind that's for sure! Okay anyways! If you’ve ever talked to me in person you know that I can be a bit scattered brained and I can take conversations 10 million different ways, and it has only become ten times worse with this pregnancy brain.  Anyways, this post is going to be one of those…all over the place. There are just so many little things I want to remember about this pregnancy and since I’ve started 37 different journals…this is the only record keeping I can trust!
  • My baby either hates or loves being cold….or it’s the light? She will be going nuts having a dance party in my belly and the second I lift my shirt to watch her, nothing. Shirt back on=party. Every. Single. Time. Stubborn little butt. 
  • When I spoon Michael she LOVES to kick his booty over and over, guaranteed every time. 
  • She definitely likes to listen to music, which is good because I’m a car jammer for sure.
  • My predication is she is going to be a little bald blondie. Even though logically it would make sense for her to look more like Michael with a head of dark hair and big brown eyes, cause I feel like his genes are stronger… I just keep thinking she’ll be blonde and bald! But that’s okay…an excuse for more headbands!
  • If I lay flat on my back I literally can’t catch my breath and my heart goes crazy…sleeping is becoming difficult.
  • My belly will randomly become ROCK hard in a certain spot like she is stretching out or pushing up as hard as she can against my stomach and won’t budge. It feels like I have a statue in my belly!
  • The other day I noticed that my bump was lumpy so I put my hand on it and started like smoothing it out in a sense and I swear to you I moved her arm or leg! It was the craziest thing ever and took me by surprise when I felt that!
  • All of the ”big” things for the nursery are purchased! Yay! Now for the little decorating!
  • Officially signed up for birthing and breastfeeding classes! Hasn't hit me yet that I actually somehow have to get this baby out of me! yikes! 
  • I have been keeping myself busy trying to make swaddle blankets, burp cloths, and lots of bows! Kew word…trying.
  • I’m officially putting myself on timeout when it comes to buying baby clothes. She has way too many
  • Still no stretch marks! Hallelujah!
  • Still eating so many Peanut butter and honey sandwiches, I always want a nice crisp apple! Craving salads out the ying yang, but have yet to try one that I LOVE:(
  • I wake up with a numb hip every morning…I see why those pregnancy pillows are so popular.
  • Her aunt Izzy (my 10 year old sister) felt her kick plenty of times while we were up visiting this past week! 
  • Baby shower invites are officially OUT! My mom is throwing me a “long distance” baby shower that is a little bit different because of our living circumstances, but I am really excited to see how it all goes down! 
  • The ever-enjoyable back pain has started and is giving me no mercy. 
  • I fall more in love with my baby everyday! 

Monday, May 19, 2014


If you follow me on Instagram, it is very apparent that I take such pride and joy in this growing bump of mine. I feel like my body is WHOLE, it is doing what it was created to do, growing a babe, and I'm embracing and LOVING every minute of it. That being said, I’ve had the same body since I was literally 13 and it’s kind of hard to see it change in other places besides my bump. Don’t get me wrong; I love these new boobies that I’ve never ever had…but not so much loving the love handles, plumpy face, widening hips, and growing booty. It is like a constant battle in my head of feeling proud of myself for gaining weight because I’m like “oh yeah look at me go! I’m growing a HUMAN!” and wanting to cry seeing the pounds go up on the scale or seeing a picture of myself and thinking, “my cheeks are huge!” “that shirt is so not flattering on my love handles!” and I HATE that feeling! I would much rather feel proud of myself and beautiful in this new body embracing these changes, but it can be hard sometimes!

Especially being pregnant in the summer my Instagram/facebook/ and pinterest feeds are flooded with bikini pictures, booty shorts and crop tops of perfectly toned legs and stomachs. I love social media for so so many reasons, but it becomes so easy to compare ourselves to others and get down on ourselves. I’ve never been a crazy confident person but it has been something I’ve really tried to work on these past couple years and I know there is a huge difference in myself from before, but being pregnant I can already feel myself slipping back into my little shell of solitude and awkwardness because I hate the comparing factor in myself. Before I was self conscious of my hip bones sticking out, not having any boobs, my collar bones, or my long chicken legs. Now the insecurities are completely different so it's weird and new trying to cope with them! 

Pregnancy is such a beautiful beautiful thing and it will forever amaze me that my body is capable of doing such a thing, and I will forever be PROUD of my body for growing my little girl, sometimes the hormones just get the best of me. I love when other people recognize this beauty and understand it. With every pregnancy picture I see on instagram or blog post I read I just feel like these fellow mammas are wrapping their arms around me because they understand and appreciate the miracle of pregnancy! Everyone talks about that "glow" you get when you are carrying a child, and I honestly believe the glow comes with our confidence and being PROUD of ourselves and what are bodies are doing! So lets all (pregnant or not) recognize the beauty rather than the flaws in ourselves. 

Friday, May 9, 2014


HOW FAR: 22 weeks! It is flying!

BABY IS THE SIZE OF: A spaghetti squash! About 11 inches long and a full POUND!

MATERNITY CLOTHES: Just those one pair of pants, that actually I hardly even wear. Investing in lots of dresses to keep cool this summer. It will be my first pregnant, wearing garments, and experiencing that southern humidity. This should be interesting.

SLEEP: I have a feeling im not far from getting that pillow thing everyone talks about, not that I need it, I sleep like a baby, but I always wake up on my stomach and that could be bad for the baby, so getting one of these might help!

MOVEMENT: I will never get sick of answering YES to this question. Literally my phone is FULL of videos of watching my stomach move around. Just this week she has gotten SO high! With my short stomach I knew it wasn’t going to be long but she is literally already a couple inches above my belly button, she’ll be in my ribs in noooo time!

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Registering at target! I am registered on as well because it’s the coolest idea, you can add things from ANY website…including etsy. That’s a dangerous website! So basically it’s like the mother of all registries! But I decided to do target too for the people that don’t want to online shop!

MISS ANYTHING: Not having love handles…whoops. They are unavoidable at this point and definitely a new experience!

FOOD CRAVINGS: Flaming hot Cheetos….those things I tell ya. A lot of apples, strong vinegarette salad dressing, and strawberry Shasta soda.

ANYTHING MAKE YOU QUEASY: Still pizza and all these meat. Chicken is okay sometimes!

AM I SHOWING: see above picture….the bump is out for good! And quite pointy? Whats up with that?

WEIGHT GAIN: I figured out I was actually tracking my weight gain all wrong. I lost about 10 pounds my first trimester from being so sick and I had been counting just every pound I gained. Well my doctor told me to actually go from my “pre-pregnancy” weigh factoring in all that weight lost! So I am actually at 2 pounds gained from that!

STRETCH MARKS: fighting my genetics with everything (oil) I got! None yet…. but the odds are not in my favor. 

HAPPY OR MOODY: Super super happy lately! Life is hectic and crazy, but oh so great!

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Getting my baby shower invites sent out! It will have a little twist on the traditional baby shower since I live 2,200 miles away from all my friends and family. But that isn’t stopping me!