Friday, May 9, 2014


HOW FAR: 22 weeks! It is flying!

BABY IS THE SIZE OF: A spaghetti squash! About 11 inches long and a full POUND!

MATERNITY CLOTHES: Just those one pair of pants, that actually I hardly even wear. Investing in lots of dresses to keep cool this summer. It will be my first pregnant, wearing garments, and experiencing that southern humidity. This should be interesting.

SLEEP: I have a feeling im not far from getting that pillow thing everyone talks about, not that I need it, I sleep like a baby, but I always wake up on my stomach and that could be bad for the baby, so getting one of these might help!

MOVEMENT: I will never get sick of answering YES to this question. Literally my phone is FULL of videos of watching my stomach move around. Just this week she has gotten SO high! With my short stomach I knew it wasn’t going to be long but she is literally already a couple inches above my belly button, she’ll be in my ribs in noooo time!

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Registering at target! I am registered on as well because it’s the coolest idea, you can add things from ANY website…including etsy. That’s a dangerous website! So basically it’s like the mother of all registries! But I decided to do target too for the people that don’t want to online shop!

MISS ANYTHING: Not having love handles…whoops. They are unavoidable at this point and definitely a new experience!

FOOD CRAVINGS: Flaming hot Cheetos….those things I tell ya. A lot of apples, strong vinegarette salad dressing, and strawberry Shasta soda.

ANYTHING MAKE YOU QUEASY: Still pizza and all these meat. Chicken is okay sometimes!

AM I SHOWING: see above picture….the bump is out for good! And quite pointy? Whats up with that?

WEIGHT GAIN: I figured out I was actually tracking my weight gain all wrong. I lost about 10 pounds my first trimester from being so sick and I had been counting just every pound I gained. Well my doctor told me to actually go from my “pre-pregnancy” weigh factoring in all that weight lost! So I am actually at 2 pounds gained from that!

STRETCH MARKS: fighting my genetics with everything (oil) I got! None yet…. but the odds are not in my favor. 

HAPPY OR MOODY: Super super happy lately! Life is hectic and crazy, but oh so great!

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Getting my baby shower invites sent out! It will have a little twist on the traditional baby shower since I live 2,200 miles away from all my friends and family. But that isn’t stopping me!


  1. Hello there! I 'bumped' into you from Art of Pregnancy and I am so happy they featured you! I absolutely love finding mommas that are just about the same amount of weeks as me! You are stunning and adorable and I'm so excited for your sweet journey.
    xo Sara

    1. ahh so fun! I'm the same way! I swear half the people I'm following on instagram now are moms due around the same time I am! Thank you!