Thursday, May 29, 2014


First off: how the heck am I already 25 weeks? 3 more weeks and I am in my FINAL trimester! Just blows my mind that's for sure! Okay anyways! If you’ve ever talked to me in person you know that I can be a bit scattered brained and I can take conversations 10 million different ways, and it has only become ten times worse with this pregnancy brain.  Anyways, this post is going to be one of those…all over the place. There are just so many little things I want to remember about this pregnancy and since I’ve started 37 different journals…this is the only record keeping I can trust!
  • My baby either hates or loves being cold….or it’s the light? She will be going nuts having a dance party in my belly and the second I lift my shirt to watch her, nothing. Shirt back on=party. Every. Single. Time. Stubborn little butt. 
  • When I spoon Michael she LOVES to kick his booty over and over, guaranteed every time. 
  • She definitely likes to listen to music, which is good because I’m a car jammer for sure.
  • My predication is she is going to be a little bald blondie. Even though logically it would make sense for her to look more like Michael with a head of dark hair and big brown eyes, cause I feel like his genes are stronger… I just keep thinking she’ll be blonde and bald! But that’s okay…an excuse for more headbands!
  • If I lay flat on my back I literally can’t catch my breath and my heart goes crazy…sleeping is becoming difficult.
  • My belly will randomly become ROCK hard in a certain spot like she is stretching out or pushing up as hard as she can against my stomach and won’t budge. It feels like I have a statue in my belly!
  • The other day I noticed that my bump was lumpy so I put my hand on it and started like smoothing it out in a sense and I swear to you I moved her arm or leg! It was the craziest thing ever and took me by surprise when I felt that!
  • All of the ”big” things for the nursery are purchased! Yay! Now for the little decorating!
  • Officially signed up for birthing and breastfeeding classes! Hasn't hit me yet that I actually somehow have to get this baby out of me! yikes! 
  • I have been keeping myself busy trying to make swaddle blankets, burp cloths, and lots of bows! Kew word…trying.
  • I’m officially putting myself on timeout when it comes to buying baby clothes. She has way too many
  • Still no stretch marks! Hallelujah!
  • Still eating so many Peanut butter and honey sandwiches, I always want a nice crisp apple! Craving salads out the ying yang, but have yet to try one that I LOVE:(
  • I wake up with a numb hip every morning…I see why those pregnancy pillows are so popular.
  • Her aunt Izzy (my 10 year old sister) felt her kick plenty of times while we were up visiting this past week! 
  • Baby shower invites are officially OUT! My mom is throwing me a “long distance” baby shower that is a little bit different because of our living circumstances, but I am really excited to see how it all goes down! 
  • The ever-enjoyable back pain has started and is giving me no mercy. 
  • I fall more in love with my baby everyday! 


  1. Gosh isn't pregnancy the coolest. Im a random follower because i loved seeing how you found joy in the little things of pregnancy. And by reading your blog im pretty sure we would be friends in real life because im pretty darn scatter brained as well. Anyways. I loved this, and your body image post. We just gotta embrace our changing, weird, miraculous bodies I guess :)
    - @lorielcc

    1. Well for right now, lets be social media friends haha:) I totally stalked're the cutest!

  2. I want to hear more about this long distance bridal shower! I will eventually be long distance from family and friends and will need to do something like that.

    1. I will post more about it in the very near future! keep an eye out:)

  3. Love all of those little headbands! So cute