Saturday, May 31, 2014


This week has been a very successful one in the nursery department! Her changing table and chair came and suddenly the room doesn’t feel so empty! Yet still I feel like there are a thousand things needed before she comes…will that feeling ever go away?! Michael and me went thrift shopping today…if that’s what you can call it! Here in Fayetteville it just isn’t the same and I have to hunt 10 times harder than I would back in Arizona or Utah! But the hunting was worth it today! We got a handful of darling (all name brand) baby clothes for a whopping total of $5! This past week we found little trinkets at the local goodwill that we spray painted gold….for a whopping total of $2.50! When I kid you not I could probably return to Anthropolgie and they wouldn’t know the difference! Am I the only one that gets super motivated and pumped after finding a good deal or thrift find? 

yeah we got lucky at the flea market today! How pretty are these vintage mexican shoes?
This is actually in my room...but it belongs to lil miss

Ps: this knit blanket was hand knitted by lil girl's great-great-great grandma! Yes 3 greats! Every grandchild has one, including me! I can’t wait to wrap little girl up in these and think about my great-great grandma watching down on us, like a heavenly hug! –k so cheesy but so cute!

Holy cow there is BABY stuff in MY apartment! 

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  1. I just found your blog, and I am dying! You are absolutely adorable!! So excited to follow you from now on- and so happy for you and your hubs! I am trying to satisfy my baby hunger by playing with my nieces and nephews :) Congrats!