Monday, May 19, 2014


If you follow me on Instagram, it is very apparent that I take such pride and joy in this growing bump of mine. I feel like my body is WHOLE, it is doing what it was created to do, growing a babe, and I'm embracing and LOVING every minute of it. That being said, I’ve had the same body since I was literally 13 and it’s kind of hard to see it change in other places besides my bump. Don’t get me wrong; I love these new boobies that I’ve never ever had…but not so much loving the love handles, plumpy face, widening hips, and growing booty. It is like a constant battle in my head of feeling proud of myself for gaining weight because I’m like “oh yeah look at me go! I’m growing a HUMAN!” and wanting to cry seeing the pounds go up on the scale or seeing a picture of myself and thinking, “my cheeks are huge!” “that shirt is so not flattering on my love handles!” and I HATE that feeling! I would much rather feel proud of myself and beautiful in this new body embracing these changes, but it can be hard sometimes!

Especially being pregnant in the summer my Instagram/facebook/ and pinterest feeds are flooded with bikini pictures, booty shorts and crop tops of perfectly toned legs and stomachs. I love social media for so so many reasons, but it becomes so easy to compare ourselves to others and get down on ourselves. I’ve never been a crazy confident person but it has been something I’ve really tried to work on these past couple years and I know there is a huge difference in myself from before, but being pregnant I can already feel myself slipping back into my little shell of solitude and awkwardness because I hate the comparing factor in myself. Before I was self conscious of my hip bones sticking out, not having any boobs, my collar bones, or my long chicken legs. Now the insecurities are completely different so it's weird and new trying to cope with them! 

Pregnancy is such a beautiful beautiful thing and it will forever amaze me that my body is capable of doing such a thing, and I will forever be PROUD of my body for growing my little girl, sometimes the hormones just get the best of me. I love when other people recognize this beauty and understand it. With every pregnancy picture I see on instagram or blog post I read I just feel like these fellow mammas are wrapping their arms around me because they understand and appreciate the miracle of pregnancy! Everyone talks about that "glow" you get when you are carrying a child, and I honestly believe the glow comes with our confidence and being PROUD of ourselves and what are bodies are doing! So lets all (pregnant or not) recognize the beauty rather than the flaws in ourselves. 


  1. Seriously, I follow you on here, I follow you on Instagram and you are so cute. I cant wait to see that little squishy baby. I'm curvy, have wide hips, big butt, and not flat chested by any means. Now this is different but going through puberty I saw all these changes in myself, while my friends were stick thin. 00 size pants, while I was at a 5. Was I fat? Definitely not. At that age its hard to come to terms with the fact my friends were known for being little and now there is me. It's hard not to compare yourself to others, especially since you have probably always been the small one. We tend to be ourselves harshest critics, and you notice little things about your body people wouldn't notice in a million years. Your attitude is so positive, and I'm sure after baby you'll be one of those people that bounces back so quickly its disgusting. But I promise you, embrace the curves, butt, the extra thickness, or padding whatever you want to look at it is. You look gorgeous as it is, and from the outside looking in you would never even think any of those things you're seeing now.

  2. I am so glad I am reading your blog right now because this post is exactly what I needed to read. Body image has been so hard for me these past 7 months and it's nice to hear that I'm not the only one going through it. You look beautiful.