Sunday, June 8, 2014


BABY IS THE SIZE OF: An eggplant! She hit 2 full POUNDS this week (or that's average) and is 14 long inches! Also this week her chance of survival if born is 80%! But still let's keep her in there...

MATERNITY CLOTHES: not anymore! Just really living in leggings and loose dresses! My dresses are starting to creep up and become to short to be appropriate, so I might have to invest in some bigger sizes! I have one maternity top-just a plain white v neck-SO much more flattering than a regular t shirt! It really hugs the bump!

SLEEP: considering I average 9-10 hours a night I'd say sleep is going pretty good! 

MOVEMENT: oh do we have an active one or what?! If I go literally 30 seconds without feeling her I get worried cause that's how much she moves! And she is so strong! They kinda hurt sometimes😁 she uses my stomach as a punching bag! 

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: her nursery is making real progress! I finished one of the main decor pieces that I was making and we got it hung up today! And her rug should arrive any day...the first one we got sadly had to get returned...was so not cute haha!

MISS ANYTHING: not really!!

FOOD CRAVINGS: No more flaming hot Cheetos! Yay! I eat the same breakfast and lunch everyday and have for about 3 months! Breakfast: rice checks cereal. Lunch: peanut butter & honey sandwich with an apple and either carrots or a banana! 

ANYTHING MAKE YOU QUEASY: meat still absolutely repulses me! Other than that not much! 

WEIGHT GAIN: 12 pounds-YIKES! Why does that seem so high to me? And I can't believe I'm announcing that publicly!! Might be the last time I do so goal is to not exceed 25 pounds total!

STRETCH MARKS: praise to the heavens above: still none! Whoo-hoo! My skin actually doesn't even feel tight yet, which when I used to hear "26 weeks pregnant" that's almost 7 months! I would think HUGE! But I guess from this point on the little one inside me is going to be gaining weight a lot faster-working on her rolls-so we will see! Still diligent about my oil! 

HAPPY OR MOODY: kinda moody this week! Not like bipolar moody but I just get sad a lot easier and my annoyance level has decreased majorly! Michael had 24 hour duty AGAIN this weekend (3rd Saturday in a row) and I totally cried like 10 times on Saturday being by myself:(

SYMPTOMS: You will probably hear me complain about my back pain every single day. It's bad, and I swear gets worse everyday. It's a mix between my normal chiari back pain and pregnancy back pain...not good. Heartburn/acid reflux is through the roof! I was not getting any sleep and I would dread eating and drinking cause of it. Luckily I started taking an occasional zofran and it's saved my life! 

LOOKING FORWARD TO: our next ultrasound and seeing a glimpse as to what our little girl is going to look like when she comes out! I'm getting a 3D/4D at 30 weeks! 

Overall pregnancy has been oh so kind to me; after those torturous first 4 months that is! I love having her grow inside me, but I'm getting SO anxious to meet and see her!! 


  1. I just have to throw it out there that you have got to be the lovliest pregnant woman ever! I really love this pregnancy update idea. I just might have to try it!! xoxo! - Brittany

  2. Very pleasant progress. Keep it up! Go easy on yourself, though. I mean, that can be a fairly crucial time, and we would want to put our bodies in the right condition, so they aren't continually beleaguered by stuff like back aches and pains. Have you tried consulting a chiropractor? Maybe you should consider doing so to help relieve you from your pain. Take care and have a safe pregnancy!

    Vanessa Adams @ Oshawa Chiropractor