Thursday, June 5, 2014


I’ve had a lot of people ask me about the “long distance baby shower” that I mentioned a couple post back so I decided I would further explain it! It’s something that could either be a total fail and only my grandma will send me something, or turn out to be a huge success (I’m hoping) just as if I were to have a physical baby shower!

First off we live in North Carolina, we are stationed here for the army-so military families especially I personally think this is perfect! All of our friends and family are on the west coast so very far from home!

I went back and forth on if I actually wanted to go through with this idea, I was worried people would think it was tacky for me to basically send out “invites” purely asking for gifts! But when I thought more about it-is a physical baby shower much different? Sure it’s a time you get to get together with family and friends, chat and eat finger foods-but the main idea behind it is to help the mamma-to-be get ready for her upcoming baby-which is the same main idea behind mine! I decided to push my hesitation to the side and give it a shot! If people send something-SO great and I am SO grateful! If not-totally cool, not offended, still love you! I gave my mom the go-ahead to send the “invites” out and we will see how this goes!

The poem reads:

"It's hard to live so far away
When a baby girl is on the way! 
Family and friends spread far and wide
Would love to be there by her side.
But since we can't be there, I say,
Let's do our best to make Whitney's Day.
Send your gifts and cards by mail
And she'll feel our love without fail" 

Here in North Carolina I do have maybe a handful of lady friends-okay maybe like 2- but I’m getting there- and my best friend is coming out to visit me in July so there will be a very teeny tiny get together with those 3 friends that we will eat finger foods and that’s when I’ll open all the gifts that are sent to me- so I still get a tiny bit of the feel as a physical baby shower!

Anyways-I hope this answers those questions some of you had & spread the idea to other military families-I think it’s perfect!

Ps: sorry my blog looks kinda funky-something weird happened with my template- and since I'm new to this and not tech-savvy, still trying to fix it! 

Cards designed by PrintsForEvents on Etsy-she was so great and helpful!


  1. I love this idea. I have a group of friends that is scattered throughout the US, and they are throwing me a Skype shower :)

  2. Cuuutest invites. Okay seriously send me your address on Facebook I wanna send something!

  3. Love that little poem! We did something similar with my second since we were stationed in NC and have family all over. It was a success except nothing was actually there on the date of the shower.

  4. Your poem melted my heart, Whitney. I can only imagine how disappointing it was to be away from your family and friends on a special occasion. However, it’s great to know that you never forgot to make an invitation for a baby shower, even if you knew they can’t be with you personally. I hope you had a lively baby shower, amidst the few friends you have there. All the best to you!

    Faye Fowler @ Master Copy Print

  5. How did this work out for you?? We are also military (Navy), living in Hawaii, and are thinking about doing the same thing..

  6. These invites are darling! Is the poem copyrighted or could I use it for my own virtual shower invite?

  7. These invites are darling! Is the poem copyrighted or could I use it for my own virtual shower invite?

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  9. Do you have an invite for a baby boy?

  10. Do you have an invite for a baby boy?