Sunday, July 6, 2014


BABY IS THE SIZE OF: I can actually answer the weight based off of HER last week instead of the average! She’s a little larger than average right now according to my ultrasound I had last week, she weighs an estimated 3 pounds 9 ounces- pretty much 2 weeks ahead! All my apps say that she should just barely be hitting 3 pounds THIS week! But I’ve heard those can be wrong! She is about 17 inches long! She is gaining about a half a pound a at that rate she could gain an extra 5 pounds before birth-9 pounder??? yikes! I'm holding out hope that all this talk about her being ahead just means she is going to come early! 

MATERNITY CLOTHES: ehhh not much actually! I have 3 thing total and then the rest I’ve been able to work with my normal wardrobe! But it is really hard to feel like anything less than a whale these days...

SLEEP: Sleeping like a baby! Getting in as much as I can before she arrives! I can't sleep in past 7 am for the life of me.... no matter how late I go to sleep! 

MOVEMENT: Hahaha it cracks me up how much this girl moves. I am just waiting for the moment when a random stranger comments on the earthquake like movements of my belly….it’s constant! No pattern to it anymore because it literally never stops- like does she sleep?!

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Obviously being at the beach with some family for our BABYMOON! Her ultrasound was last week and it was amazing! Coolest experience ever! So far she looks exactly like Michael and has quite the personality! Duck face and flipping us off all within 30 minutes? She's got some 'tude! 

MISS ANYTHING: My back not hurting....and like 90% of my clothes! But mostly still loving being pregnant! 

FOOD CRAVINGS: I don’t really have any “cravings” and really haven’t my whole pregnancy! I do eat a lot of salads, apples, sandwiches, and cereal!

ANYTHING MAKE YOU QUEASY: I’ve been able to eat pizza again! Meat still doesn’t sound GOOD to me…but it doesn’t repulse me anymore:)

WEIGHT GAIN: 14 pounds! All in my booty I think haha:)

STRETCH MARKS: Still going strong without any! I had a nightmare the other night that I woke up covered head to toe in inch deep bright purple ones! It was so scary and weird! I already had some on my butt and inner thighs but no new ones from pregnancy! 

HAPPY OR MOODY: SO happy! Getting excited to meet this little girl! Literally all I can think about-it scares me how fast its gone and how fast her due date is coming, but I dream about that moment of seeing her sweet face for the first time and holding her against my skin! I want to smell her! Is that weird...? 


  • Heartburn every single night around 5! I’ve had this since about week 25-probably cause she is so dang high! 
  • My back pain-wahhhh! Nothing helps-we went and saw a movie the other night and I thought I was going to have to walk out mid movie cause I could not get into a position that helped! I think those are really it! Nothing relives it, no position is comfortable and it's torturous! 
  • I've barely started to swell but only if I go without water for too long, or it's super hot outside and I've been walking around! 
  • Exhaustion: I've been nannying some girls these past two months and I have them until august 1st and by the time they leave at 6pm I am ready to throw on my pajamas and hit the hay! Serious props go out to you pregnant mommas out there that do it 24/7! 

LOOKING FORWARD TO: We start our labor classes tomorrow! AHHH! I don’t know if I’m necessarily looking forward to them or if I’m scared out of my mind…but we will see! These next two months are going to be crazy busy with lots going on! We have lots of family and friends coming to visit, a trip to DC, Michael starts a new semester, Michael is changing units at work, and obviously getting all the last minute details ready for our girl! I am excited to share the nursery with you guys probably within a week or two! I love it! I go in there at least 15 times a day and just imagine it with my little baby’s body lying in the crib, me nursing her in the chair, and cooing with her after her bath! Seriously guys; I’m SO anxious for her to come!


  1. Ah! These next ten weeks are going to fly by. 14 pounds? Are you suuure? You're so tiny :)

    1. Hahah thank you! But feeling more like i've gained 50!

  2. oh my goodness, you are the cutest pregnant girl. the upcoming weeks will go much quicker than you can imagine! so much fun.

  3. total blog stalked you...YOU are the cutest!! Thank you so much! I hope they FLY by-ready to meet this girl already!