Friday, July 25, 2014


This guy can totally tell baby girl will soon be here. He is already a SUPER cuddly dog, but he has been extra lovey and attached lately! 

BABY IS THE SIZE OF: The size of a cauliflower blossom! Since no one really knows how big that is-17-19 inches long (pretty much how long she’ll be at birth) and anywhere between 4-6 pounds! I have a feeling since she was pretty much 4 pounds a MONTH ago…she’s probably closer to 6 pounds! I don’t know why I am just expecting her to be a huge baby!

MATERNITY CLOTHES: I definitely NEED some maternity clothes-but there is no way I am going to fork out $40+ for something I’ll use for another month or so…so until then-I am flashing my belly to the world! Just kidding-until then I have maybe 5 things that fit me! I’ll live in those:)

SLEEP: Once I actually fall asleep-it is great! But falling asleep is getting harder as I become more uncomfortable and turning from side to side feels like I’m competing in the Olympics.

MOVEMENT: Early on in my pregnancy I would always say to Michael “how do people get annoyed with feeling their baby move? I will always LOVE this” I spoke too soon! Annoyed probably isn’t the right word and I still do LOVE watching and feeling this girl squirm-however; man is she getting STRONG! And BIG! Her squirming is quite painful and actually makes me kind of sick…like motion sickness after I eat and my stomach is full! She has her right foot permanently in my ribs…and I mean permanently!

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: WE ARE READY! This past weekend I went to my parent’s house and opened up the last minute gifts that people and family had sent (my version of the baby shower), and seriously THANK YOU to everyone who sent something! You have no idea how much it has all helped! If the baby decided to come tomorrow-we have everything we need! Can’t say it enough-I will be sending thank you cards out now that I am not nannying anymore I have some extra time to do so!

MISS ANYTHING: Walking normally-waddle for the win! All my clothes, being able to breath, being able to stuff my face, and feeling small and skinny.

FOOD CRAVINGS: don’t tell anyone-but I think I’ve had Mcdonalds every single day for 2 weeks now. Shoot did I just admit that? 

ANYTHING MAKE YOU QUEASY: A little bit of my nausea has come back-which I’ve heard is common! Mostly just when I am really hungry.

WEIGHT GAIN: 19 pounds!

STRETCH MARKS: Nope! But seriously this babe I feel has doubled in the past 3 weeks, I am just waiting for some to pop up!  

HAPPY OR MOODY: SO happy! SO anxious!


          Pretty much the same as last bumpdate-just worse!
          Constant discomfort- I can’t sit up straight cause my ribs and back ACHE with pain. It feels like there is a knife just sticking in between each of my ribs-but only on my right side. My back is right between my shoulder blades and it is an ice/numbing pain. Laying on my left side is pretty much the only thing that semi relieves these discomforts!
          Heartburn is still there…so fun guys. I feel like a 60 year old guy at a Mexican restaurant.
          My booty keeps charley horsing-have yet to get one in my legs...just my right butt cheek haha
          Lots and lots of Braxton hicks contractions have been happening!
          NESTING! Don’t know if that’s a symptom-but it is real guys. Cleaning and organizing every knick and cranny of this apartment of mine.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: We are going to Washington DC this week with Michael’s sister! I’ve been kind of nervous about this trip for quite some time just with how uncomfortable I’ve been getting at a rapid pace-walking around all day for 3 days in the heat kind of makes me want to vomit just thinking about. But now that it’s just around the corner-I am really excited! I’ll be that person with a camelback full of ice water, a handheld fan, and a fanny pack full of sugary goodies to keep me from passing out! I’ll be super fashionable that’s for sure haha

Also I washed all of her clothes, blankets, sheets, and sleepers from newborn to 3 months! Why is baby laundry so much better and motivating? Also we started packing our hospital bags! As soon as I put her outfits and blankets in there I was stumped…shoot. What next? So mamas! What stuff do you pack for baby and for you besides comfy clothes and toiletries? What week did you have them all done? All my apps told me I should have had it done by 32 weeks-whoops! A lot of the stuff I need to pack for me and Michael is stuff that we use everyday or that we will use until I give birth! I am the worlds WORST packer-I always forget something (for our babymoon I completely forget underwear for me and Michael- we were gone for 4 days…whoops! I blame it on the pregnancy brain) so I am trying to pack for the hospital early enough that I can really think through what I am packing and make sure I have everything!


  1. How did I not find your blog sooner?!? Love it! We have a lot in common in regards to our pregnancy! Congrats and blessings on the little one!

    1. glad you are now joining-love to have you! When are you due? Congrats on yours as well!

  2. You look great! Not too much longer now!

  3. Congrats! I just had a little baby girl in May! Being a mom is seriously the greatest blessing ever! When my husband and I went to the hospital I seriously over packed and didn't use a lot of the stuff we brought! Something's that were really helpful were our laptop with our netflix subscription, socks, comfy pillows and blankets for him, face cards, snacks, and a nursing night gown :) I found that the hospital was really accommodating to me as far as pillows and blankets and food but not so much to my husband. Also if you're planning on nursing be warned that it hurts for the first couple of weeks so if it's something you really want to do then power through it! It doesn't hurt me at all now :) sorry for the novel! Remember to take lots of pictures!

    1. Thank you for all the help! I find that I ALWAYS forget something major on trips or anything so I'm hoping that I bring just the right amount of stuff-I don't want to be the laughing stock of the nurses cause I brought my whole house! Congrats on your little girl:)

  4. You are a gorgeous mom! Wow!! Also where did you get this darling shirt? Obsessedddd