Saturday, July 5, 2014


So the whole idea behind a "baby moon" is awesome! We didn't get to go on a honeymoon because of the stinkin army rules and bad scheduling blah blah...but a baby moon was a MUST! Michael is still only allowed to travel so far away from base-but good thing the beach is only 2 hours away! We went to Wrightsville Beach in Wilmington...and apparently picked a pretty rotten day to arrive! Hurricane Arthur picked the same day as us! We got there welcomed by lots of heavy rain, vicious wind, and scattered tornadoes--wahhh? Luckily we woke up the next morning to clear skies and and lots of sun! 

Michael's sister and her family joined us-they are the best people to vacation with, so these kids that are in the photos aren't some randoms we befriended on the beach;) 

It was the perfect weekend to celebrate being 30 weeks preggo!


  1. You look amazing! That's basically how I look and you're five weeks ahead of me! We did a baby moon in St. George and LOVED it! Definitely trying to soak up every moment alone before the babe arrives haha

  2. You look absolutely stunning.
    I'm with Cristie, I feel like thats how big I am now.
    Pregnancy really suits you. (p.s. cute suit!)