Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Main pieces: 
Changing table: Southshore (Knobs: Hobby Lobby)
Moroccan Pouf: Amazon

Yarn Tassel Wall piece: Handmade
Large Plush Giraffe: Melissa and Doug
Floating shelves: Wayfair
Zebra head: Marshalls
Mommy and baby gold Giraffe: Ross
Hanging mobile: Urban Outfitters
Teal Pillow: Target  
Medium black frames: Ikea
Small Gold frame: Target
Small Black elephant: Hobby Lobby
Both prints on shelves: Etsy
Pink candle: Ross
Succulent pot: Lowes
White pot: Ikea
Elephant print: Custom watercolor
Wooden frame: Custom from Hobby Lobby
Woven hamper: Ross
Gold lamp: Target
Baskets in changing table: Michaels
Frame in changing table: Urban outfitters 
Small owl: Thrift find
Pompom garland: Etsy
Hanging plant: Ikea
Fur pillow in crib: Walmart
Green striped pillow: Ross

As happy as I am to be done with her nursery, and as in love with it as I am...I'm kinda sad that I'm done! I've had so much fun finding things and putting it all together! I loved the anticipation as I waited for piece after piece to come in the mail!

We went through FIVE different rugs before being satisfied! That was the most challenging thing for me! Also the frame to frame the elephant watercolor in-man who knew it was so hard to find a 30x30 frame?! Not me thats for sure! It was interesting to see how the nursery developed into something totally different than what I was originally going for! Not in a bad way, just my original plan for the nursery was lots of gold, pink, and emerald florals! Very girly and feminine...not sure at what point that started to change, but it did and it just worked! It's funny-a mini safari themed nursery was actually my plan for my BOY nursery...I guess I wanted to use it for both:) 

Having her room ready makes me THAT much more anxious for her to come! I can't be in her room without imagining changing her diaper on the changing table, nursing her on the chair, and seeing her dream in her crib. I can't wait to come in in the mornings and see her smiling little face and to kiss her cheeks over the crib! I think that my heart might just pop out of my chest! {insert heart eyed emoji} Just 8ish more weeks!

ps: ignore the cheap blur effect I slyly placed over baby girls name-it's a possibility her name will be shared soon, but for now it's still a secret:) 


  1. OMG you have one of those large giraffes!! I wanted one of those for the longest time but we don't have room where we are right now. The nursery is beautiful and I would probably be living in there 24/7 if I were you haha great job :)

    1. It was actually kind of annoying how big her room was cause I had such a hard time making it feel full! So the giraffe helped a lot! And I love how cute it is-when my nephew visits he rides it like a horsey! Thank you soooo much! Cant wait to see where your little man is sleeping!

  2. this is gorgeous!! love the hanging plant in the corner, and all the details!

    1. Thank you so much! It was a last minute add and it was the perfect touch:)

  3. her nursery is beautiful! i would want to spend every moment in there, it is so cute. good job. it'll be so fun once she's here to fill it :)

    1. I spend more time in her room than I do in mine! Thank you so much!

  4. What a beautiful nursery!!
    We are about 25 weeks along, and things are just starting to come together.

    I totally share your sentiment about the visualization. Its hard not to get attached and buy items, because I picture my perfect little baby playing with / using / or surrounded by them. AND THEN I am stuck and 'have got to' have them.

    1. Thank you! 25 weeks is when ours really started to make progress! And I totally agree about thinking about something so much that you just can't imagine having your baby and not that product! haha our minds suck us into buying things! Congrats on the little one:)

  5. Beautiful nursery! She will be here before you know it! Congratulations :)

    1. Thank you so much! Some days I feel like its right around the corner, and other days I feel like I am going to be pregnant forever!

  6. I'm 21 weeks pregnant and I have been trying to find some direction for our little girls nursery. I was scrolling along in the "explore" tab on Instagram and came across your page then came to your blog. Kind of creepy how social media works! Maybe we have mutual friends? No idea how it all works!

    I was wondering what color is on the wall behind the crib?

  7. I'm wondering the same thing as the person above: what is the pink paint color on the wall behind the crib?! Dying to know! It's all gorgeous!! Thanks girlie!