Thursday, August 28, 2014


This "dress" used to reach my knees" 

BABY IS THE SIZE OF: well a baby! Average weight right now is close to 7 pounds!

MATERNITY CLOTHES: mostly just belly shirts...that’s cute right? Haha no just repeating the same 4 outfits that still look somewhat flattering!

SLEEP: The entire pregnancy I have not been able to sleep in past 8 for the life of me, most mornings I wake up at 6! So not fun! But this past week I’ve been sleeping until like 11! How great is that? Soaking up all the sleep I can now!

MOVEMENT: Ummmm if you don’t follow me on Instagram or facebook you need to click on the link over to the right of the page to see this girl in action! I’ve had people say she looks like an alien, it’s creepy, and that their babies never moved like her! K kinda rude about the creepy comment;) but it is freakin nuts how much she moves like all the time! Luckily now since she has dropped they aren’t as painful!

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Tyson (my brother and photographer) arrived monday night! I really really really hope that he gets to spend more time with the baby here than without! He is here until the 15th and I am due the 12th! Eeek! Cutting it close so lets hope this little lady comes out on time or a little before the 12th because my doctor won’t induce me until 41 weeks-or after he is already gone! Everyone please send labor dust my way!

MISS ANYTHING: Pretty much everything at this point. Pregnancy has consumed my life and body 100%.

FOOD CRAVINGS: my appetite has completely gone away-I have to remind myself to eat because I really don’t get very hungry and when I do eat I’m done after two bites! Probably cause there ain’t no room in there for food!

ANYTHING MAKE YOU QUEASY: If I don’t drink enough water I get really queasy!

WEIGHT GAIN: right around 23-25 pounds! It depends on the day! I am so happy with this number! I had a “goal” like we all do at the beginning of pregnancy on how much I wanted to gain-but I really didn’t do anything about it. I ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted so half way through the pregnancy I was thinking I’m going to get to 50 pounds! But I think every body is so different and some need to gain 50 and some need to gain 15! Our bodies do what they need to do!

STRETCH MARKS: None! I am waiting for the day I jinx myself by typing that!   

HAPPY OR MOODY: Pretty dang moody! I had my first cervix check last week at 36 and then one this week for my 37 and after my 36 appointment hearing my cervix was still locked up tight- every single night I walked 2 miles and did bleachers so I was feeling good going into my 37 week appointment…I was sure I must had helped move things along. I was waddling ten times more and had so much pressure down there and have been taking 2000 mg Evening primrose oil daily- I was expecting to hear some news of effacement-none. No progress. I just broke down-started bawling. I felt so discouraged at that moment! I can’t help but feel so angry at my body for not doing what it is supposed to do. And all the comments that “due dates are just estimates” “she’ll come when she is ready” “it’s selfish to try to get things going” “sit back and just wait for it to happen” make me want to slap somebody in the face. K so rude and I’m sorry- I can blame that on the hormones still. I wish I could say I’m enjoying and embracing every last day with this bump and the baby safe inside me-I really do…but I’m just NOT. I get more and more discouraged everyday. And yes I know I’m only 38 weeks so I have time-but the fact that my cervix hasn’t started what it needs to do is what really gets me down. I just want to have my baby already! I want to see her face! I want to be done being so uncomfortable and in pain 24/7! Ughhhhh I just want to wake up in labor or progress or SOMETHING!

  • ·      Extreme lower back pain centered around my tailbone.
  • ·      Fatigue
  • ·      Braxton hicks 

LOOKING FORWARD TO: I think it’s pretty clear that the only thing I’m looking forward to is labor and seeing my baby girl.


  1. I was super over it at 38 weeks too! Luckily my little man decided to come out 2 days later. Don't get discouraged. When I had my cervix checked I was at 1cm and I had him two days later! I think walking and rocking on a birth ball helped. And when I mentally let go and said he could come whenever- it just happened. I'm sure you hear this all the time- but enjoy your alone time and sleep time now!!! PS you look great!!! Hang in there!

  2. Oh the joys of being a first time mom, most babies come naturally late! Let's hope that's not the case for your little one and she'll come soon, I know probably not what you want to hear at this time. :3
    I am sure you've tired all the natural ways to get labor started and I hope it works for you and little lady is on her way so your brother can take lovely photos!