Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Whoa There LIFE!

Dat belly button doe! 
WHOA life time to slow down there please! I remember I posted a couple weeks ago on Instagram that time was going by soooo slow and asked for it to pick up speed-let me tell ya…IT DID! Thank you social media Gods for listening to me!

Warning: this post will be all over the place as I try to briefly as possible cover what’s been happening!

Um I’m 36 weeks tomorrow say WAHHH? I’m just waiting for the day I wake up and realize-holy crap, this time next month I’ll have my baby! It 100% feels like I have at least 4 more months! Although I’m glad I do not! Overall pregnancy has been good to me! No I didn’t make it through symptom free feeling 100% myself but I did make it through without any complications and both me and baby are both healthy- which makes me extremely blessed in my book! Luckily we are READY! Lil baby could come tomorrow and we would be set! Actually I take that back! Tyson (my brother and my birth photographer) arrives next Monday and she can come any time after that!!

35week picture! 
We recently went to DC and Philadelphia with Michael’s sister and it was 10x funner (yes a word in my book) than I was expecting it to be! I’m not a history person- actually it’s my least favorite subject, and I was 34 weeks pregnant so I was worried about walking around all day without being totally miserable! Now I am not saying walking was the most comfortable thing in the world and I’m not saying I didn’t question if this baby was going to be born on the sidewalks of DC or not, cause trust me- I did! But it was worth it! Baby girl is still snug as a bug inside me, we got to see some really pretty places, and spend quality time with family! Which is my favorite thing! It was perfect timing because we are moving back to the west here pretty soon so it would have been lame of us to not see DC while living just hours away from it! 

Speaking about moving back west-I AM SO EXCITIED! Life is crazy and we weren’t expecting this right now by any means! We knew it was in the near future but we were thinking more along the lines of next summer/fall! Now it’s looking more like the end of this year very beginning of next! Ya big change! And it will be interesting to say the least with having a new baby, but we will be in Arizona and that’s all that matters! I miss that place so bad! Michael is getting medboarded (discharged from the army for medical reasons for those who don’t know army terminology) due to some injuries and bad surgeries he got last fall! They’ve been a huge blessing in disguise- the same injury is also what kept him from going on this last deployment like he was supposed to! He would have been gone from January to octoberish of this year! Can you imagine? I would die! And that also means that baby girl wouldn’t be a thing yet…like a said, a blessing in disguise!

Pregnancy updates:
  • I’ve been having A LOT more contractions and each day they get more and more painful! I get a lot more in the car and obviously when I’m moving around a lot like doing laundry or cleaning the house! So I’ve been trying to just take it easy and chillax!
  • I am now being seen weekly which is exciting!
  • I am strangely not a single bit nervous, maybe cause I don’t feel like everything is actually happening!
  • Sleep has sucked lately! Insomnia is in full swing- I’ll be SO tired and ready for bed yet lay there for 4 hours.
  • I have really bad restless leg syndrome that causes my legs to just twitch all over the place! Oh and I got a Charlie horse in my calf the other morning that literally woke me up and just about had me in tears! Ouchie!
  • I caught up on my weight gain-I’ve been just a teeny bit behind the whole pregnancy but I’m packing on the pounds now!
  • No stretch marks still!
  • I can tell she’s dropped because I can breath SO much easier now and hardly ever have any rib pain (thank goodness) but those were replaced with lots of pressure and the full on pregnancy waddle-I’m embracing it!

Oh yeah and we bought a new car! It's my mommy mobile! I'm in love and I'm so so excited to bring baby girl home in this! 

'14 Toyota Rav4 

Okay well this post was random and all over the place but it needed to be done. There’s that! I really want to blog more so I can remember all the details of this time! So much is happening! So sorry you might get annoyed with all the upcoming random posts!


  1. I love reading this! Almost as good as being there. Prayers for a speedy, safe delivery!

  2. Okay you are going to have the most stunning photos if your talented brother is taking them! So fun! & is that the new highlander?? Tyler's parents bought us an older one and I have LOVED it so much! Perfect mama car ever & you will look so good driving lil' Milan around town in that!

    1. Right? I'm really lucky to have him! and Its actually the Rav4-a little smaller than the highlander but same idea! So awesome they gave you one! We love Toyotas!

  3. I just found your blog and am loving reading about your pregnancy. I just, today, found out I am pregnant with my second! I hated dressing my bump the first time around and am determined to do better this time, can you let me know where you got some of your amazing dresses? I love them. The top you are wearing in your 35 week picture is my favorite, and those floral print pants are amazing! Where on earth did you get them?

    1. Thank you!! I wish I had secrets!! My bump picture white top is actually a dress I bought at forever21 when I was around 11 weeks to take my weekly pictures in! It once was a dress and now it's more of a long top! And the floral pants that I'm wearing in DC? K those are an awesome pregnancy staple! Their from PAC sun but their super trendy right now so I've seen the same style at lots of places-Ross and Tj maxx, American eagle, forever21 so on! Their awesome and so comfy!! I've bought 90% of the stuff at Ross or Marshall's-most of them being non maternity! Just try stuff on until you find something that works:) congrats on baby number 2! That's super exciting!!

  4. The photos look amazing, Whitney. Both of you look so happy. I'm glad that you had the time to relax and travel. After reading all of those updates, I'm surprised you still had the energy to walk around DC. Hahaha! Anyway, that is a gorgeous car. The color matched your outfit well that day. Drive her well and carefully. All the best! :)

    Colin Morton @ SeaPort Auto