Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Prepare for the most random post ever! Milan is napping and I am freshly showered so I finally feel like I have a second to jot down a little about life! I wish I could somehow blog every second of life lately because I don’t want to forget a single second; yet that would require me to put down my soft, squishy, cuddly baby and I am just not willing to do that just yet!

Anyways! We went up to Richmond this past weekend to visit family and kinda help my parents move into their new house! I mean I am a week postpartum and Michael had 10000 hours of studying to do so we weren’t much help, but we brought the cute baby to offer as a distraction and no one got mad:)

Milan slept the entire 4 hour car ride up! Oh isn’t she perfect? Haha we did have to stop once on our way back for her to feed but other than that she was perfect!

Now that we are back home and Michael is back to work (wahhhhh) my days pretty much go like this wake up, feed, stare at my baby, snuggle my baby, stare some more, change diaper (hers;)), get dressed, both of us sleep, wake up, feed, dad comes home for lunch, I shower, she sleeps, eats, sleeps, eats. We got a pretty good schedule going on here. I thought I would feel rather unproductive just sitting snuggling my baby girl all day everyday, but it’s the total opposite. I have never felt more fulfilled or proud of myself in my life! She is what I’ve waited so long for!

I want to remember that little belly button!
Someone blew out her diaper and peed all over mamas bed during the change-so she got a midday bath and was smelling oh so yummy!
I LOVE LOVE morning time with this girl! she's so wide awake just looking around!  
Being outside is Milan's FAVORITE. I've never heard her make a peep outside and it will stop her crying in a second!
On our way home from her 1 week doctor's appointment (which by the way-yay for being back to her birth weight!) of course we had to stop at this darling pumpkin patch! So excited for fall! 
So peaceful! 
You think she's sick of my kisses yet??? To bad little lady! 
struggling to stay awake after bath time!
The faces this girl makes just kill me! 
uhh mom? 
Sooo thats how she fit in my belly! Daddies girl already!
Baby stretches and baby toes in one picture! 


  1. So sweet! Cherish every second of it because they grow so fast.

  2. She's a beauty just like her mama!