Sunday, September 7, 2014


Obviously I'm so over these weekly pictures I forgot about the light switch! oh well! 

BABY IS THE SIZE OF: a pumpkin! Much too large to still be inside me am I right?

MATERNITY CLOTHES: It would be a total waste to buy anything new right now! Really excited to wear normal clothes again! Especially fall clothes-my favorite fashion:)

SLEEP: My body is prepping to wake up every 3 hours with baby or something because I am up almost all night every night:(

MOVEMENT: Yes of course! She doesn’t have much room in there so it’s very small movements compared to what I’m used to! There is always a foot sticking out of my left side!

BEST/WORST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Best? Hearing that I’m finally dilated to a 3! Oh I wanted to hug my midwife! Worst? Not going into labor. No actually little story here. So with my Chiari malformation (explained here and for pregnancy here) pregnancy isn’t exactly the best thing for me- I pretty much have to get the surgery before I get pregnant again. Anyways one of the signs my specialist told me to watch out for that is cause for concern is lightheadedness and blurred vision-more than normal of course cause I pretty much always have that. I’ve been on medication my whole pregnancy that has really helped me and I’m so grateful to be approved for vaginal birth (normally Chiari patients have a forced c-section completely under...booo) Well Friday ALL day I just felt extremely high, my head felt like it weighed 10000 pounds and I could barely stand up. My arms were heavy and my eyes started to blur. These could also be signs of blood pressure problems, which can be a lot more serious during pregnancy. So late Friday night we decided to go into Triage to get checked out. The midwife that I’ve used my whole pregnancy and who knows a lot about Chiari and my situation moved a few weeks ago so I got placed with a new one-major bummer. Triage kept me there for about an hour but didn’t really do much other than track my contractions and check my blood pressure and then sent me on my way. They didn’t do anything to check my CSF fluid in my brain or anything. Not going to lie-I was a little annoyed. So as of now I just am going in to see my specialist again on Monday to go over things. I’m hoping this doesn’t change the fact that I am currently allowed to try to deliver vaginally!

MISS ANYTHING: Not being in pain 24/7

FOOD CRAVINGS: Oreos and gummy bears. It’s weird this whole pregnancy I haven’t really ate that poorly but this last little bit I want all the junk food in the world. I guess it’s my way of coping with still being pregnant!

ANYTHING MAKE YOU QUEASY: I get nauseous here and there but really no pattern to it!

WEIGHT GAIN: Still about 23 pounds!

STRETCH MARKS: Okay…who knows how long these have been there cause I have not been looking…but my butt crack! Tmi haha but really most random place? Good thing no one ever ever has to see those!

HAPPY OR MOODY: I’ve never been a depressed person-but goodness this waiting game is taking it’s toll on me. And I feel guilty about that at times and feel like I should put on a fake smile and flaunt it to the world like life is easy-but that's not me. Trying to keep it real and honest. Pregnancy is hard and different for everyone-some are fine with going to 42 weeks-more power to ya women! I'm just not one of those girls. But that doesn't change how grateful I am to have carried this sweet baby for the past 10 months-it will forever be one of my greatest blessings....I'm just ready for the blessing of holding my baby:) 

  • Achy body-my entire body feels BRUISED. Literally every inch of it.
  • Lower back contractions
  • Pelvic pressure
  • Exhaustion
  • Dizziness
  • Irritability

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Hopefully meeting my daughter this week! And to write about all the adventures of babyland instead of pregnancy! There are some pretty exciting things coming our way! 

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