Friday, October 10, 2014


ONE month. How? I don’t think my little mommy heart can handle how fast time is going, how fast she is changing and growing. I’m going to blink and send her off to kindergarten.

What Milan loves:
  • Eating. Man can that girl really put it away.
  • Being swaddled extremely tight
  • Sitting up so she can see everything
  • Being bounced and swayed
  • Kisses on the cheek
  • Lights
  • Air blowing on her
  • Windows down
  • Nature music really loud
  • Being outside

What Milan does not like:
  • Her car seat. Actually hates it. Unless she is asleep before hand and we are really careful to not wake her- she screams the entire time she is in it, no matter how long. Breaks my heart and makes long drives really difficult.
  • Her binky
  • Having to toot or go potty
  • Laying down on her back
  • Bath time. She is really calm after the bath- just not in it. She does like taking a bath WITH mommy, just not alone.
  • Napping. What the heck I thought newborns slept a lot? Not mine that’s for sure. She will be awake for 4+ hours and take a ten-minute nap, up for another 4+ hours. So chores don’t get done at my house haha!

She has been sick for about a week so her sleeping schedule was messed up, but she has nights where she gives 2; 5 hour stretches, and other nights she wakes up at 4 am ready for the day!

She is still totally in newborn-some still don’t fit! I am not positive how much she weighs cause her doctor’s appointment is next week! But I can really see some rolls forming!! 

EDITED: 8 POUNDS 11 OUNCES (26%) and 21 INCHES (56%)

Can we talk about how FAST this month went by? I still can’t get over it! We are in total dreamland with our baby girl!


  1. Whitney, she is so gorgeous!!! I love reading her likes and dislikes, because Isla's were so similar three months ago (agreed - slow down time!). Thankfully, she learned to take her paci around 6 weeks which was when the car seat/rides became tolerable. Isla didn't nap well at first but that has changed and I'm praying Milan starts to like them too! You need that time. Since she likes sitting, do you have the BabyBjorn Bouncer? It's the best. Xo

  2. Ohhhh Whitney, Milan is so beautiful. Can you believe she's allllll yours to snuggle and eat up and love? Being a mama looks good on you, too ;) xoxoxo