Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

This is mainly just going to be a venting post so feel free to pass if those aren’t your thing!

I normally try to keep my Instagram and blog really positive; without being fake of course! However as of the last couple weeks it has been brought to my attention of some accounts that were stealing Milan’s photos. With anything, once it’s on the internet you really have no control of where it ends up. And this is so so hard. It’s hard to find the balance of all the good that the internet and social media has to offer, but this bad is still mixed in and there’s nothing we can do about that!

I LOVE social media. I love all the memories that it holds. I always find myself going back a year or two on my posts and I find my emotions right back to what they were that day. I love how easy it is to keep all my pictures in a (hopefully) secure place that I can always have no matter if my computer crashes, or my phone randomly deletes them (this has happened). I LOVE all of the amazing mama’s and ladies I’ve “met” through social media. Seriously some of my best friends and the people I look up to the most have come through Instagram and blogging! It is so easy to find people who you related to and grow to love them and watch their lives unfold. I love that when I feel like I’m struggling a little or just having a down day I will receive an email from someone just saying how something I’ve done or posted has impacted them. Those are my favorite emails. But seriously- SO many good things come from social media.

But then your babies picture gets stole and used for some new game creepers do where they pretend to actually be these kids and create a little life for them. I don’t understand most of it-just that it’s flat out disgusting. My WORST nightmare. It is like my little baby has been online kidnapped in a sense and my mama bear kicks in and immediately I want to delete my Instagram and blog along with every picture I’ve ever posted of her and keep her to myself. Keep her in the safety of my home for my eyes only.

But that wouldn’t be fair to me. I love our memories. I love looking back at our memories. I want to be able to look back in 5 years and remember every single detail of her, what she liked, what got her to smile, her favorite toy, what I was feeling, how fast she was changing-all of it, I want to remember all of it.

Now I could go on private-but who says the 10k+ people that are already following me wouldn’t do the same? I really do try to look at everyone who comments and follows me to avoid things like this-but sometimes you truly can’t tell. I guess it’s just the day that we live in now, is that going to stop me from memory keeping? Is that going to keep me from sharing my baby girl and her growing with all of her family that is all over the country? No. I will not let it. There is too much good to let the bad take over.


  1. so, so sorry that someone has done this to you. HOW frustrating!!
    but way to have a positive attitude about it!! i surely love your posts [both blog + instagram] . . thanks for being willing to keep sharing!!


  2. I love following you & your cute family. So sorry that happened! But I love the last thing you said. Good outweighs the bad!

  3. Sorry to hear this. :( That is the really frustrating and scary part about the internet... it's tough to choose sometimes whether it's worth it to share photos, but I definitely love following you. Your baby girl is so gorgeous. :)

  4. When I saw your post on Instagram about this, I was almost heartbroken for the person who is doing it. I've been praying for protection and peace for you and your family and for healing for the person/people who are filling voids by pretending to be other people. I'm glad you're not going to stop posting. Bad will come no matter what you do, and I agree that the good outweighs the bad. So much inspiration comes from it!

  5. So sorry this is happening to you! So creepy! I hope it all stops soon!

  6. You took the words right out of my mouth.xx

  7. I will never understand the things people do to entertain themselves. Sorry that this happened to you. :(