Friday, November 28, 2014


I always have the greatest memories getting together with all my family for thanksgiving and going out late for Black Friday shopping! Even if we don't buy anything-it's still exciting! This year it was a little different with Miss Milan. I wasn't about to take her out at midnight and keep her up all night! So we waited and went out around 10 this morning after a nice well rested night:) She looked so stinkin' cute all bundled up in blankets upon blankets and my favorite little beanie! This truly is my favorite time of year and it's even better with our own little family! Milan makes everything more fun:) 

Friday, November 21, 2014


So have you guys heard of It's a site kind of like Zulily or Groopdealz where they offer smoking deals on super cute products! If there is one thing I love about shopping-it is finding a good deal so this site is on my favorites list! What sets this site apart from other deal sites is that every month they give donations to a special child fighting childhood  cancer. This month it is sweet Faye's turn to be spotlighted and helped. Here's a little bit of her story:

"Three and a half years ago we were expecting our third baby and Faye, then three, often complained of leg pain.  Doctors chalked it up to growing pains, but Faye’s pain increased, she often had fevers, and eventually she didn’t want to leave bed. The only comfort she could find is if we were rubbing her knees 24/7.  Several days after her brother Nixon was born, we took Faye back to the doctor where they did x-rays and blood tests.  Hours later we were in an ambulance heading to Texas Children’s Hospital where Faye would stay for the next five months to receive chemotherapy for Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a rare type of leukemia that is difficult to treat.  The doctors told us a bone marrow transplant was an option, but Faye responded so well to chemo that we (doctors included) thought it would be best to proceed without a transplant, despite her little brother Nixon being a match.Faye spent the next three years in remission and enjoyed all the things normal little girls enjoy–going to school, playing softball, and spending time with her brothers.  She has taken the name “Mini Mommy” upon herself.  She is incredibly helpful with another new, now one year old little brother.  When she began complaining of leg pain again we were scared to death, but her blood work looked great and we told ourselves her prior chemo could have long range effects on her body.  As the leg pain continued though, we wanted definite answers and asked for an MRI, which showed abnormalities in her bone marrow.  After a bone marrow biopsy, our worst fears were confirmed.  Faye’s cancer is back and this time a bone marrow transplant is the only option.Faye spent the month of September in the oncology ward of Texas Children’s Hospital receiving chemotherapyto bring a second remission, which has been achieved.  Currently Faye is on the bone marrow floor where shereceived additional chemo to kill her bone marrow. She has received her transplant using Nixon as a sibling match. Now it is a waiting game to see if her body accepts the cells from Nixon.Faye is as brave as a little girl can be as she goes through what no little girl should have to and has always prayed for her brother Nixon that “he will be OK when they do the ‘bow and arrow’” (Faye’s way of saying bone marrow).  We are so grateful to our Heavenly Father and for the heavenly and earthly angels who are helping Faye and our family through this fight."

This sweater is one of the many cute things on their site right now! Isn't it the PERFECT holiday sweatshirt? Casual with a hint of dressy! 

I am so honored to be chosen to try to get as many donations as possible! I would be so so so ecstatic if every single one of you ran over there and found something you love-and I would love you all even more if you donate to help Faye and her family! Remember-every dollar counts! Even if you don't buy this sweater-there are a ton  of really cute cute stuff on there right now so I'm POSITIVE you will find something for yourself or something to give as a gift! 

Happy Shopping! XO

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Remember that one time I gave birth to literally the most perfect and sweet baby girl and my brother captured those first few days absolutely perfectly? Seems like yesterday and forever ago all at the same time! I will forever cherish these pictures, I've already looked through them probably 100 times since Tyson sent me them last night! She looks like a totally different baby, she was so fresh and new. Straight from heaven with the sweetest spirit and light.