Wednesday, November 5, 2014


This past weekend has been so fun! It started off on friday we picked up Michael's parents from the airport (they live in AZ) and made the drive up to richmond to my parents house where Milan's blessing was taking place! We get to my parents house and I take my suitcase upstairs to the room we always stay in and open the door and there sitting on the bed was my two aunts and my grandma! HUGE surprise! They all live in Utah and I haven't seen my aunts since last summer and my grandma since last thanksgiving! I grew up super close to all my family and so living out on the east coast has been an adjustment for sure! 

Sunday is when the blessing was-sweetest day! I kept having "pinch me" moments because growing up blessing sundays were my FAVORITE! I would desperately wait for the moment they held the little babies up after the blessing and the congregation got to gawk over the new precious baby-this time it was MY baby up there that I (and everyone else) was gawking over! I recorded the blessing that Michael gave her and have been listening to it over and over-it was so sweet and she is really blessed to have him as a daddy! 

our little family on our girls special day!
My parents
Both set of parents
My whole family except my brother Tyson
Michael's parents
I kept saying all day that she just looked like a perfect little princess ready for a ball! Doesn't she?!

The rest of the weekend consisted of hanging out, joking, shopping, and a crying baby. Poor girl thrives on her schedule that she created for herself and being up here and dealing with daylight savings all in one weekend was rough! Naps were missed and tears were shed-me and her I think;) 

this is my parents street-seriously LOVE richmond! I'm a little sad we won't be living there anymore:( 
These Arizona natives were freezing! 
I don't think I could put into words how much my little sister loves being an aunt to Milan and my nephew! She cried and cried and cried when she found out we were moving to AZ:(


  1. I was wondering where you go Milan's blessing dress?

  2. OH MY GOSH. your dress. her dress. his suit. ALL OF IT. don't mind me, i'm just MELTING.