Monday, November 10, 2014


Age:  2 Months

Weight: I’m going to come back and fill this in once we have our appointment next week! For some reason her appointments have been a week later than her month marks! So I don’t know! I am going to guess 10 or 11 pounds! EDITED: 11 POUNDS 7 OUNCES OF CHUNKY LOVE! 

Length: 21 inches!

Size (Diapers, Onesies, Etc.): We moved to size ONE diapers this week! And we hit a big milestone by putting her in her first 0-3 sleeper the other night! Clothes are still mostly newborn-she can get away with a few 0-3 dresses without them looking too pathetically huge!

Eyes:  Deep deep blue! They are so blue that I think they might just stay that color-I’m kind of obsessed with them so we will see! Mamas eyes maybe??

Hair:  A dark chestnut brown! In some lighting the chestnut is really strong! It’s thinning on top giving her that ever-famous newborn receding hair line-but it’s getting LONGER which is weird!

Sleeping: She has her rough nights when she has really bad gas, or when we were staying at my moms and didn’t have her mamaroo…but if we’re home our normal sleeping schedule is 8-4am and 4:30-7:30! Some days she’ll extend that 7:30 to 9! And almost everyday after she wakes up for the day she is ready for another 2 hour nap after about 40 minutes!

Eating:  eat eat eat. That is all this girl does! That explains the rolls;) she is exclusively breastfed-we have been super blessed in this department! It was one of my biggest fears that I wouldn’t be successful, so every single feeding I am so proud of her and myself! Breastfeeding is going SO well that she doesn’t want anything else! No bottle or pacifier! We're starting to get better with the pacifier, however she has actually been overeating because almost always she prefers to use my boob as a binky and gives herself tummy aches! That is why we are really trying to get her on the binky, to see if that problem will go away!

Milestones:  Lots of chitter chatter from her little voice box! I feel like she talks back to me sometimes-that may just be my crazy mama brain but I swear once I start cooing to her she coos way more than normal back at me! It’s like we’re already having girl talk:)

Memorable Outings:  Milan went to her first pumpkin patch this month! We weren’t there for very long because she was ready to eat and it was a bit chilly outside but we still got some cute pics-that’s all that matters right?! Also when all my family was in town we spent a lot of time out shopping and we were out from 10 am to 7 pm going from store to store and I swear she slept that whole time! I carry her in my wrap-which I’ve now mastered nursing in (holla!!) so that was memorable for me cause she was so good that day!

Loves: mommy. This girl is a HUGE mama’s girl! It was really obvious when we were with all my family and all she wanted was to be held by me. Someone else could hold her the exact same way and do the exact same thing as me but she would be screaming until she got put in my arms and then immediately would be calm. She loves to hang over daddies arm, her nature music, being swaddled, bright lights, wind, being rocked in her car seat, singing, and her gas drops. She loves to be standing up looking at the world-she’s already mastered how to lock her knees so I can’t sit her on my lap…has to be standing! Loves listening to the blow dryer while mommy gets ready!

Hates: baths-literally screams at the top of her lungs the second her legs hit the water, the car-but I must add it is getting much better…now she just more whines that screams! Getting her diaper changed, the bottle, putting clothes on or off over her head!

Words/Sounds:  Lots of cooing and squealing going on over here!

Nicknames: pretty girl. sweetums, girly girl, and little lady!

Funny Moments:  There’s too many! This girl is so much fun! One right off the top of my head is I was sitting at the kitchen table nursing and visiting with all my family that was in town and Milan was being her normal tootsie self farting away-I could feel her filling her pants but she was still eating so I was waiting for her to finish and then I was going to change her. As soon as she was done I turned to my sister and asked her to hand me the diaper and wipes and I put my hand under Milan to pick her up and put it right into a huge pile of runny yellow poop! There was a huge puddle on my leg and it went all up to her neck and was all over my shirt! Seriously more poop than I had ever see her have of course all over me! It was funny-everyone got a laugh!

As I was doing Octobers photo drop I was so taken back by just how much she has changed! I feel like she did more changing from 1-2 months than she did from 0-1! She looks 6 months old to me already!!!

Oh ps: some people have asked me how her name is pronounced! It is Mih-lawn like Milan Italy! Not MOO-lawn like the Disney movie, not MYY-lawn like nylon, and not MEE-lawn like the Italians say it;)


  1. You take the most beautiful photos! What camera and lens do you use? And how do you process them? Photoshop? Love your blog!!

  2. I must agree! Your photos are just gorgeous! Such a pretty little sweetie! :) You're giving me baby fever something aweful right now! Haha

  3. Soo I was thinking about how Milan doesn't like cars too much but likes being swaddled. You should buy a swaddle wrap! Summer Infant has some at Target. The reason why I'm suggesting this is because you can swaddle her in her carseat! That might help her like the car a little better. I had to do it with Aria on our way to California and it was a life saver!

  4. How do You get your pics to be so beautiful?! Clean and crisp? Any Editing site you use?