Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Sooo what if it is half way into december and I'm just now getting around to doing November's photo drop. Mom life right? Haha but really we've been so busy around here lately! We made the big half move and Michael is OFFICIALLY out of the army! So we are now staying at my parents house in Virginia until New years when we make the big other half of the move to Arizona! So crazy that it's here and happening!! ps: any tips for an 8 hour overnight flight with an almost 4 month old send them my way..yikes! I'm kinda {super} terrified! Heres our month in pictures!

November's Events: 
  • Milan's blessing day
  • Milan met Nana and Papa Fox for the first time and loved them
  • My 21st birthday
  • Packing our apartment
  • Coming to my parents for thanksgiving 
  • Michael's finals
  • Michael's discharge from the army 
  • Pictures with Santa
  • Got Christmas decorations up! 
  • Getting into the Holiday Spirit!!! 


  1. Your little Milan is looking Prettier everyday :) beautiful photos

  2. SO glad I found your blog. you have the most darling family! xoxoxo

  3. All these photos are so precious :)

  4. She couldn't be any sweeter.