Sunday, December 14, 2014


We just talk about for 2 seconds how FAST three months went? Time is a funny funny thing as a new mom. I am absolutely LOVING watching my sweet girl grow and learn new things-she honestly gets more and more fun everyday! However I long for my teeny tiny curled up newborn! It is strange! 

Size (Diapers, Onesies, Etc.): Size one diapers still! Newborns still fit this little shorty! Onsies are all 0-3 month but leggings and dresses newborn fit better! But I've been putting her mostly in 0-3 because I'm seriously running out of newborns! She's growing into them better everyday!

Eyes:  The prettiest blue! And I'm almost positive they are going to stay that way! Surprising cause I would have thought Michael's eyes would be much more dominant! 

Hair:  It's lightening up!! Still totally a brown but now a soft brown and there's still that hint of red in it sometimes!!

Sleeping: Goodness gracious were we blessed with a rockstar sleeper?! Seriously a dream child! Goes to sleep around 8, sleeps straight until 8 in the morning! 12 full hours!! She then goes back to sleep at about 8:15-8:30 until 10am! Up for about an hour or so and then takes a 2 hour morning nap until about 1! Her next nap is at 3:30ish until 6!!! Like for real? She sleeps SO much and she LOVES her sleep! 

Eating:  Still exclusively breastfed with no supplementing! I think I deserve a sticker for that one:) I love breastfeeding her! It's such a special time we share! She's started to move around a lot more while eating, she'll play with my shirt, coo while eating, and kick her little feet! It's so cute! 

  • We got a GIGGLE this month! I've got one out of her three times so far and it is just the sweetest sound in the whole world!
  • She now takes a bottle! Yay! Very particular about it though! She has to be wrapped in her favorite blankie, and she takes it best from me (which kinda defeats the purpose of it though haha) I've had a lot of questions on which one worked for us! The lansinoah mOmma bottles did the trick! They look so much different than any other bottles we tried ( so basically all other bottles) haha

Memorable Outings:  Black friday shopping! She did surprisingly so good with us all day going places! Another memorable outing (not in a good way) was another shopping day we were just out all day and she hates her carseat more than anything in the world. She was just screaming in between every place we went. It drove me crazy enough that I went and  bought her a whole new carseat! Literally last thing we could try to get her to like her carseat! We went with the Maxi Cosi because they are known for being "comfy" we haven't had a lot of time in the car since then to know if it works- but the next day after that was a world of a difference! Fell asleep three times in her carseat-which NEVER happens! 


  • mommy. Boy does this girl have some separation anxiety! To the point that even if I'm upstairs and she is downstairs she is crying. Oh but do I love her! 
  • Men. Not necessarily holding her, but she LOVES flirting it up with anyone with a deep voice! We're in trouble with this little flirt!
  • being swaddled. I think she is going to go to kindergarten swaddled!
  • Bath time! Literally a 180 flip from baths before! Crazy how something as little as they type of bath she is in can help that much (hoping for the same effect with the carseat). She could stay in for hours and just splashes and coos! I love it!
  • dancing! We have dance parties on the daily.
  • my phone! I think its cause my case is very bright and colorful but she is always staring right at it! I'm gonna be in trouble when she learns how to use her hands! 
  • Her bouncer. She sleeps awesomely in her mamaroo but doesn't love it when she is awake! Her bouncer she can chill in forever and she's learned that if she kicks it will move more! It;s so funny! 
  • The blowdryer! I sit with it running in the sink so I can get ready! 
  • Showers! We brought her in the shower for the first time a couple weeks ago and she LOVED IT!  


  • the car:( everyone seriously please pray for me. I am so close to checking myself into an insane asylum because it is making me crazy. I can't stand to listen to her blood curdling screams for hours. It. breaks. my. heart. It is so so hard! We've tried everything! 
  • Being left alone.
  • Laying down flat


  1. oh my god! she is just so adorable. I'm so glad I follow moms so they can curb my baby fever a little. Well, I tell myself that, but really you ladies just make it worse for me.

  2. I never comment on blogs.... But My daughter hated the car too. Then I got a swaddleme swaddle that can be used while strapped in to the car seat! Then I got the sleep pillow app on my phone and I turn it up super loud and swaddle her and she passes out. It's made my life SO much better. You may have tried both those things, but just in case I thought I would share.