Sunday, February 15, 2015


Our first valentines day with a baby was a success! We started out the day by going to Michael's cousin's soccer game-they were in state! Then we came home and dropped Milan off at a babysitters!!!! FIRST TIME! AHHH! She actually didn't do as terrible as I thought she would! Me and Michael went and got manicures and pedicures-it was so nice to just sit back and relax for a couple hours without the baby! I know that kinda sounds weird-I went on a mani/pedi date with my husband.....he loved it:) He totally wants to go again! Then we went home and I bathed Milan and got her all ready for bed, we put her to sleep, left her with Nana and we went to sushi! Mmmmmm I used to not be a fan of sushi at all, but I was definitely just trying the wrong rolls because I LOVE IT now! Then came home, got some ice cream, rented a movie, and snuggled up in bed eating lots of treats! It was not pinterest worthy by any means but I don't think dates have to be to be special! We had such a good time! 
Crazy to think this time last year we hadn't even announced I was pregnant! Something about being a mom makes time go by 100000x faster!!


  1. so glad I stumbled upon your little blog! your family is the absolute cutest!!

  2. All these photos are gorgeous! Do you just set the self timer or do you have somebody take them for you?