Tuesday, March 10, 2015


HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY MY LITTLE LOVE BUG! I know I say this too much but IT IS GOING BY SO FAST!!! We love having our sunshine in our lives! 

Size (Diapers, Onesies, Etc.): 90% 0-3 month clothing but I’m getting bored with those so some 3-6 month clothes haha #fashionista size 2 diapers!

Eyes:  blue blue beautiful blue!

Hair:  super fuzzy! Its weird she has some hairs that are like 4 inches long and then there’s of course her short little fuzz hair! Getting super light though!! She maybe maybe just might be a blonde? If anything a strawberry blonde cause it’s pretty red too! Oh the mystery!

Sleeping: This month has been all over the place cause we’ve been visiting my family for my sister’s new baby Ryland, so we are in a new place and a new time zone! For the first week she would only sleep next to me which is weird cause we don’t co-sleep! But I think it was just a comfort thing for her to know she’s safe in this strange new place! The second week she was fine in the pack n play! Goes to sleep at 7pm, wakes up around 5-6 to eat, and back to sleep until 9am! Soooo basically 14 hours of bliss! Her awake times during the day are getting to be longer! She is up for about 2-3 hours now before she is ready for a nap! Her naps are normally 2 hours and she has 2 a day!

Eating:  We’ll you guys we made it to 6 months breastfed!! Yay! At her rate though I’m pretty sure she will never wean! She loves dem boobies too much ya’ll. No bottle for her (unfortunate for mama)! She does LOVE eating solids thought! Her favorites are bananas, pears, and sweet potatoes! But she has never refused anything I’ve given her (well except the bottle) she’s the best little eater! I’m excited to let her start learning how to feed herself!


  •  Rolls over from back to tummy
  •  Rolls over from tummy to back
  •  Belly laughs
  •  Can sit up by herself

  • Bath time!! She’s now discovered splashing and does it non-stop!
  • My brother Dallin-something about him she just LOVES! Which is weird cause she normally hates other people!
  • Her excersaucer
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! GUYS! We finally found something that helps those dreaded car rides! Don’t judge or give me your anti tv lecture…but the Ipad with Mickey Mouse not only keeps her from screaming the whole car ride but I hear her laughing back there to it! Mama win!!!
  • Trying to feed herself with the spoon
  • Getting her butt cheeks tickled!!
  • Mornings
  • Mama
  • Rolling all over the place
  • Giving kisses
  • Nursing
  • The Ergo
  • Being held by anybody but mama!
  • When she can watch me leave the room
  • The bottle


Really hates anything that has to do with me leaving her is a no go for this clingy girl! What can I say…she loves me too much! 

Monday, March 2, 2015


Let's just pretend that the January photo drop came before the febuary one okay!? haha clearly blogging gets pushed to the sides a little bit with mamahood!

 this girls faces^ dying! ps: thats the face we get right before she breaks out screaming with strangers! 

 toes toes toes toes 

she is so determined to eat and grab everything! 

 she could care less about any headbands, headphones, or sunglasses!

 ^yes she is pooping in the left photo

 morning snuggles with daddy are both of our favorites!!!
 ^no more kisses mom I'm trying to pose for the pic    ...

 New baby nephew Ryalnd! 

Playdate with the girlies!! 

Auntie Izzy and uncle tyson!!