Monday, March 2, 2015


Let's just pretend that the January photo drop came before the febuary one okay!? haha clearly blogging gets pushed to the sides a little bit with mamahood!

 this girls faces^ dying! ps: thats the face we get right before she breaks out screaming with strangers! 

 toes toes toes toes 

she is so determined to eat and grab everything! 

 she could care less about any headbands, headphones, or sunglasses!

 ^yes she is pooping in the left photo

 morning snuggles with daddy are both of our favorites!!!
 ^no more kisses mom I'm trying to pose for the pic    ...

 New baby nephew Ryalnd! 

Playdate with the girlies!! 

Auntie Izzy and uncle tyson!!

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