Wednesday, June 17, 2015


milestone card: tiny beans bow: shop three bees romper: target fox: hazel village 

Size (Diapers, Onesies, Etc.): size 3 diapers! Half 0-3 clothing half 3-6! Actually we just bought a pair of newborn shorts that fit perfect hahaha but that’s the minority;) she’s thinned out a lot from being my little chunky rolly baby!

Eyes:  the saddest thing ever! I think her eyes MIGHT turn brown! Her eyes were the only things that were “mine” but I know she will be stunning either way! And actually when I was trying to get pregnant with her, I used to always tell Michael that I hope our future babies get his eyes! They’re pretty great!

Hair:  getting long!! And super light! Probably has to do with it being summer but looks so blonde at moments but then looks so dark at times!

Sleeping: yay yay yay! She’s back to being her rockstar sleeper!! She sleeps 12 solid hours a night! No waking! She goes down at 7 and wakes up a 7! Pretty strict-7:05 hits and she is crazy fussy-she knows it’s bed time! And sleeping in just doesn’t happen at our house! But hey-not complaining a single bit cause sleeping 12 hours straight is waayyyyyy better! I think the main thing that helped us was Michael now puts her to sleep! Also having my mom watch her for a week was the most help! 

Eating: I’ve gotten way way better at feeding her solids this month! But she basically refuses to let me feed her; she has to do it herself! So finger foods! She loves cheerios, zucchini, bananas, avocado, crackers, and eggs! She eats almost everything we eat! She eats three meals a day and I stay pretty consistent! I think it hit me that she turns one in 3 months (WUT) and I really would love to be done breast feeding around 13-14 months so I got to step it up feeding her things other than breast milk! 

Says "mama" "dada" and "papa"
She can stand by herself unsupported for up to 10 seconds!
Pulls herself up and walks along walls, drawers, furniture…pretty much everything. She is all over in EVERYTHING
She can walk with a push toy walker
She dances to music now
Copy cats everything I do!

Other babies
Her cousin Neva
Her daddy
Peek a boo
Patty cake
The ergo
Her night night blankie
Opening every drawer and cupboard
Being tossed in the air
Bath time
The pool

Having to sit still
When I take to long to give her food

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Ahh this “honeymoon” was AMAZING!!! I am so so glad we took the plunge and did it! I contemplated bringing Milan with us and making it a family vacay so many times, but I don’t regret leaving her home for a second!!

The first part of the trip actually could not have gone worse! Everything was wrong! First off, we land, go get our rental car and start asking where a good place to eat is cause its been a full day of traveling with no food! They give us directions and we are on our way! First off Google maps told us our resort was about an hour from the hotel, turns out its more like 4! Yes FOUR!!! That was a downer! After being up since 4 am on a plane all day the last thing we wanted to do was drive 4 hours! But we were running on adrenaline so excited to finally be here! So as we are getting closer and closer to where our resort is supposed to be we keep waiting for a town to pop up, cause so far we haven’t seen a soul for 3 hours! Then we finally get there and seriously there was NOTHING there or around our resort! Nothing! No town, not even really a beach, no restaurants, no bars. Nothing. So we get there and settle in-still running off adrenaline, trying to stay positive. The next morning we got up, and went to breakfast at our resort-the food was pretty awful and dang expensive. Like $40 expensive. We knew that we couldn’t eat at our resort every meal or our spending money would be gone half way through the trip. We hung out on the doc and tried to get in the ocean. The ocean was cold, super dirty, and had big waves. We were told you could snorkel right off the beach and that the waters were “lakelike”. So we gave up on the ocean and spent the day in the pool. For lunch we decided to go into the “village” to try to find some lunch. We didn’t have much luck. We passed maybe 5 “restaurants” if that’s what you want to call them and they were all closed.  So first day was pretty boring and got me thinking, man what are we going to do for 8 days!

The second morning is when it just got worse. I didn’t sleep an ounce all night and then finally just decided to get up around 6 am because I was drenched in sweat. I tried to turn on some lights, nothing. The freaking power was out. My boobs were as big as boulders because I needed to pump. Oh guess what the pump needs power! It was probably 90 degrees with 200 percent humidity in our room and it was miserable. We went to go ask what was going on and the resort staff was extremely rude. They kinda just shrugged it off and said “who knows when it will be back on, could be a couple hours or all day, or a couple days.” Didn’t offer us a free meal, free drinks, nothing. The wifi was also out which had me panicking because I NEEDED to know how Milan did her first night with my mom. We were pretty upset at this point but decided we would just spend the day at the pool until the power came back on. Nope. The pool was freezing. Overall we were just not having a good time, and this resort was NOT even close to what we were expecting of Belize.

Believe it or not, we packed up all of our stuff, and left! We drove the 4 hours back to the airport and actually tried to get home! Can you believe that? That’s how much we were just not enjoying this! Too bad there was a “lock” on our tickets that we had to stay at least 5 days or we had to buy completely new tickets at $1200 a piece! Obviously that was not an option. So we went and asked a bunch of natives where the best place is in Belize to visit! They all said san pedro island. So that was our new destination! We returned our rental car, got a taxi to the ferry station, a two-hour ferry to the island! We got off, found a taxi and told him to find us the cheapest hotel with air conditioning and wifi! He did!

 Literally from the second we got to the new place our trip was MAGICAL!  The waters were CRYSTAL clear-we could see 40 feet down, fishes everywhere, sea turtles, manatees, sting rays, everything! It was so so pretty! There were restaurants every 20 feet, we had some amazing food, met some awesome locals-everyone was so nice! I would 100% go back to san pedro! It was a dream come true and everything I was imagining! Milan did better than I could have ever even prayed for! I’m going to do a post on all of them for those of you who have been asking!!